Workout Motivation

Workout Motivation

Before getting pregnant, I was reasonably consistent at getting to the gym. Admittedly, my main workout motivation was paying for a gym membership, as I hate wasting money. That and we had established a pretty good routine. Jordan and I would go to our local gym together after work most nights and on the weekend. The gym was about a 2-minute drive away, was generally was never too busy, was super convenient and it was fun to go together. Couple goals, etc.

Workout Motivation

Not long after I fell pregnant though, I cut the gym away. During the first trimester, I was just too tired and nauseous to be bothered with it. By the time I got to the second trimester we moved away a few weeks later. I figured, what was the point? Pregnancy is a great excuse for indulging and not exercising and unsurprisingly I really milked it. Not to say that I didn’t exercise at all during pregnancy, because I did. We would go for evening strolls in the summer in Geelong and later in Townsville. In fact, the closer I got to my due date, the more determined I became during those ritual walks to pick up the pace and induce labour. It didn’t work, unfortunately, as I ended up being was 6 days overdue, but you can’t blame a girl for trying.

Workout Motivation

After Evelyn was born I kept up the walks and around September last year, I finally decided to have a proper attempt at getting healthier. Having a gym membership is no longer an option for me for a few reasons, mainly because I’m a stay-at-home-mum and we are living off of one income. With this in mind, I’m a big believer in exercise being something that is achievable without having to leave the house or spend the big bucks. I first learnt this when I was about 19 and started exercising for the first time (apart from PE, that is.) I was living at home and unemployed, so I used to go for runs around the block and do workout videos in my bedroom that I found on Youtube. I have fond memories of how simple a time that was, there was something very endearing about it.

Anyway, after contemplating how I would tackle exercise as a new mum, I decided an exercise bike would be a worthy investment. It was easy to use at home when Evie was napping and I got to stay in the air conditioning which was a huge bonus. I was pretty consistent with using it and the combination of cardio and healthy eating gave me those post-baby results I was striving for. It’s been said a thousand times before but how great does exercising make you feel!?

Over the Christmas holidays, we had the luxury of getting a 5-week gym membership during our stay in Geelong. It was such a good way to unwind after all the eating we did and it gave me an opportunity to catch up on some muscular workouts I had been missing. Since returning home, I must admit it’s taken me a bit longer than I would’ve liked to get back into an exercise routine. What’s strange about it though is that as I have gradually started to get back on the bike, I realised that it wasn’t actually hard to do. While I don’t necessarily have a set routine as of yet, I’ve found that the decision to hit the bike has happened quite naturally. Particularly on days where I’ve been feeling a little flat, a 20-minute cardio session has done wonders for my mood.

Even though I could be eating better and working out more, I’m so pleased that my mindset has shifted without me having to force myself to be “good” like I used to have to do in the past. It makes me feel like my hard work from last year was not undone over Christmas and that I can keep progressing. As for food, the same thing is happening. Although I’m eating a lot of desserts, I’m finding myself naturally gravitating towards good, wholesome food as well.

So as I start hitting the bike, introducing some bodyweight exercises to my routine and increasing my fruit and vegetable intake, I was inspired to share some of my workout motivation.


It’s easy to live in my activewear when I’m out and about with Evie and I find it helps me get on the bike more easily when I’m already dressed for it! I’m a huge fan of these Rockwear¬†tights, they are super comfy and durable.


Music to work out to is super key, although I also like to mix it up with podcasts and tv shows as well to keep it interesting.


I love Pinterest and pretty much go on it every day. Check out my healthy recipe boards for some food to get excited about!

Where do you get your workout motivation from? If you are in need of a new workout playlist, check out mine below!