Winter 2017

Summer officially starts tomorrow so I figured what better way to juxtapose that than with a re-cap of winter!

To all those snowboarding junkies out there, the highlight of the colder months in Australia is definitely snow season. I tried snowboarding for the first time just last year because I wanted to impress my cool new boyfriend who loved it. At the time I knew I would most likely go either way with it, luckily for me – and Jordan – it turned out that I really enjoyed it!

Let me re-phrase that. It turned out that I really enjoyed it once I figured out how to stay upright. The thing about snowboarding is, you have to land on your ass a lot before you start to enjoy yourself. My turnaround time was about two days, prior to that I had to force myself to hold back the tears of frustration. I am not a natural daredevil, some people just have it in their blood. It took me a lot of courage to keep at it but in the end, the payoff was so worth it.

We spent a full weekend at Mt Buller in July for my second year on the slopes and it was magical. While I’m certainly still a beginner, I saw so much improvement in that trip that it has kept me motivated for our next visit. Unfortunately, I was only able to get to the snow once this year but I’m hoping to be back up a few more times next year!

Like in my summer and autumn recaps, Jordan and I spent a lot of time outside over winter. We are lucky to live somewhere surrounded by beautiful countryside pretty much from every direction. We met this nice horse on the way up a mountain in a town next to ours. I believe we gave him a name but I can’t remember now what we called him. He was very sweet.

Winter was definitely the season for breakfast, judging by all my pictures of it! I certainly picked up my breakfast game when it came to cooking but I also had some standout meals at cafes as well!

We went to the beach a lot in winter, I’d say we probably went there more in the cooler months than in summer! There’s just something about having the beach to yourself on a cold winters day and then eating a nice hot pie from a bakery that makes me feel all the feels. It warms my heart when I think of winter memories like this.

I hope you all had a beautiful winter, did you get up to anything exciting? Did anyone try snowboarding for the first time? If so, I’d love to hear about it!