We Remember Moments


On Friday night my school had our Year 12 Graduation dinner  and it was a surprisingly good evening. I think everyone really enjoyed getting dressed up and it was a really lovely way to reflect on our high school years with friends and family.


What makes my school a little different is its size. It’s a small Christian private school so there are only 24 students in my graduating class. Because of this however, we were able to attend quite an intimate evening. Each and every one of us felt a lot more valued and acknowledged across the night, as opposed to having to share the limelight with hundreds of other Year 12 students.


Afterwards, we hit the town and needless to say, put a whole new meaning on “Tonight, I’mma fight ’til we see the sunlight”

Our official Graduation service is this week, which means another dress and another excuse to dress up. I’m very excited!