Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, thoughts of how I can make it feel special are currently on my mind. I have fond memories of the last few years: a beautiful dinner at a winery, roses delivered to the door, chocolates and always a heartfelt card. Our lives together may look a little different now – roses in this tropical climate are a no, as is going out for a quiet dinner with an 8-month-old. Nevertheless, we always do something and I truly believe the smallest of gestures are the ones that go the furthest.


I usually buy Jordan a Valentine’s Day card from the local newsagent or supermarket, however, I recently discovered a whole lot of handmade cards on Etsy. Most of them are actually the same price or even cheaper than your standard Hallmark cards. More importantly, though, it’s an opportunity to find a card that feels a little more personalised. I also like the idea of supporting a small business. Sorry Hallmark, but you guys are doing fine! I’ve included some of my favourites above, click through for the links.

This year our plans are pretty low key, but as Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday, it will make for a nice transition into the weekend. Last year I made this great pasta, and I’m tossing up between making it again or trying something new. I’m not sure what to make for dessert yet, but I’m thinking something a little decadent…

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?