Why hello there. Long time, no talk. In fact, since starting It’s A Dull Life, this is the longest period I have ever gone without updating this little blog of mine, so it really has been a while. A lot has happened in the last 4 months, I quit my job, we moved interstate to Townsville, Queensland but most importantly, we are expecting our first child in May!


First things first, let me start at the beginning. A few days after I wrote my last blog post, I took a pregnancy test and discovered I was 6 weeks pregnant. We had decided to start a family not long before I got pregnant, so we were both super happy and excited but also impressed with how quickly it happened. What happened next is hard to explain. Once I found out I was pregnant, I started to experience some of the usual effects of early pregnancy. In addition to this, however, I also experienced some strange ones…

The night we found out, we had pizza to celebrate and I passed out on the couch at approximately 9pm. The following weeks were full of big nights of sleep, feeling tired all day at work and an annoying nauseous feeling in the pit of my stomach. I was extremely lucky in the sense that my morning sickness was very mild, something I am very grateful for. In addition to these relatively normal side effects, I also developed a…I guess you could call it repulsion for social media, taking photos and my blog. The horror! I literally could not look at my Instagram or homepage without feeling like I was going to be physically sick. It was the strangest experience ever, how could I feel like this about something I love so much? In the end, I spent about 2 weeks off social media, which was actually a pretty cool experiment to do. I barely took any photos in September or October and essentially stopped being active on both this blog and my other accounts.

Once I made it safely into the second trimester, I started to feel more like myself. I was just very hungry all the time, ravenously hungry. Work was the most hectic it had ever been right in the heart of my early pregnancy, with multiple store closures and new store openings. The only thing that got me through was my lunch break. Then, while I was actually away for work, I finally got the call from Jordan that I’ve essentially been preparing myself for the last 2 and a half years. He had been posted and we were moving to Townsville. While we knew it was coming, we were also left in a permanent state of uncertainty. Army postings are usually given at very specific times of the year, we were given ours only a few weeks prior to our expected move date.

After a lot of deliberation, we decided that it would make the most sense for our dog Wallace and I to stay in our hometown of Geelong with Jordan’s family so I could stay on working in my job until Christmas. In mid-November we packed up our house and Jordan drove the 30-hour trip to Townville in my 2008 Kia Rio hatch solo. That car is solid, by the way. After a few weeks apart, Jordan was able to take annual leave for the summer, so he flew down in December and we spent our remaining time in Victoria catching up with friends and family we won’t see for a while. It was really nice to be back in Geelong, it will always be home to us.

After celebrating Christmas and New Years what felt like dozens of times, it was finally time for us to hit the road. That’s right, Jordan drove to Townsville twice! Our trip ran very smoothly, we broke up our trip into roughly three 10 hour days with plenty of stops for the dog and the pregnant lady. We arrived here in Townsville about 3 weeks ago and while I’m still getting used to the humidity, we have settled in fast. I love our house and have been busy nesting and preparing for our little one, who is due on Mother’s Day!

Elle UK June 2012, The Nature of Things, Martha Hunt Photographed by Enrique Badulescu

We have explored Townsville a little bit, but there are so many areas that surround it that I am super excited to check out. Particularly Magnetic Island, Wallaman Falls, Paluma Range National Park and the Cardwell Swimming Holes. The climate and tropical foliage are so incredibly different to what we’re used to, and while I know I’ll be sad come winter when I can’t wear my favourite knits and coats, I am excited about this new adventure. It seems as though we are about to embark on the most life-changing chapter of our entire lives – why not do it in a brand new place completely foreign to us? Ok, I know it’s only Far North Queensland, but it sure feels like a foreign country here sometimes, just sayin’. That’s the Victoria in me, I guess.

In the meantime, I will endeavour to pick up on my monthly recaps from last year, as I don’t want to leave them unfinished. I really was on such a roll for a while there.

I hope your 2019 got off to a good start and I look forward to continuing writing on this little blog of mine for the 10th year in a row. Crazy, right!?

Until next time x