The Wedding Reception I

Wedding Reception

Finally, after all the formalities and official wedding photos were finished, it was time to join our family and friends to celebrate our marriage! While our guests were safely tucked away in a nearby lounge with some refreshments, the bridal party enjoyed a quiet moment before the celebrating officially got underway at our wedding reception…

Wedding Reception

The wedding reception room right before our guests started filtering in. It looked so pretty after dark and felt super intimate when it was full of all our loved ones.

We had a few trays of canapes to start with, they did not disappoint.

It got quite cool after the sun had set, luckily we had access to a wood fire to keep us nice and warm.

Our good friend Michael was our MC for the evening, he did a stellar job and looked very dapper, as we had anticipated he would.

Making our entrance was so fun, Jordan chose Africa by Toto as our walk-in song and he was very pleased with himself about it! We didn’t want to take ourselves too seriously, and let’s face it, it’s a pretty great song.

Not pictured here is me waving like the Queen, which seemed like an appropriate thing to do at the time!

Wedding Reception

Our pastor James said grace right before the entree was served, something I actually hadn’t seen done at a wedding before. It felt important to us to acknowledge the Lord throughout both the ceremony and the wedding reception, he has blessed us with so, so much.

The polaroids cameras were a hit!

I love this picture of my uncles and cousins with their bibs on, my Oma always used to eat with one and it felt like a special homage to her.

Right after entree was the speeches, a very special time indeed. We decided to keep these short and sweet and only had 4 speakers, mainly because no one likes an hour of speeches and we wanted to spend as much time as possible with our guests. First up was my Dad, he absolutely nailed the combination of sweet and hilarious and really warmed the crowd up.

Wedding Reception

See, the people love him!

Next up was my maid of honour and younger sister, Rosie. I had actually never heard her do a speech before and I’ve gotta say, it really threw me. It was the dryest, most witty speech ever, I nearly lost it multiple times from laughing so hard!!

Oh you old dog, you!

After Rosie’s speech was the best man speech, done by none other than Adam Leather himself. Also another unexpectedly hilarious speech, super dry and full of some classic one liners. It’s always the quiet ones, I tell you…

Finally, Jordan and I closed with our thank-yous, we had a few people who had travelled from interstate and some pretty important people to acknowledge.

Not without a few more jokes though!

During the family photos, most of my relatives had already toddled off to the bar, so Chloe suggested we try and get a group shot at the wedding reception. I can definitely attest that a few drinks had already been consumed by this point and there are 100% some extras loitering in the back there doing bunny ears, but nevertheless, I love this photo.

Me and my best friend Luke and his mum Iris. I’m so glad the whole family was there to celebrate with us!

After speeches and dinner it was time to cut the cake, as you can see, we were both extremely commmited to this task.

All photos by Chloe May

Maybe a little too committed…

More from the wedding reception in my next post!