The Wedding Processional

Wedding Processional

Once my dad had come and met the girls and I at the homestead, it was time to get the wedding processional show on the road. We could hear the faint sound of bagpipes in the distance and that’s when reality really kicked in; everyone was there and waiting for us. Knowing that I was safely secured in my dress and no buttons or zips had been missed, the little nerves I had calmed down and I was filled with excitement. I was ready to walk down that aisle.

As the guests started to trickle into the chapel, they were met by two of our Pastor’s sons who kindly handed out our orders of service booklets. This is William looking very dapper in his suit and bow tie!

Jonathan also looking very smart!

Adam must’ve gotten a bit restless, I didn’t think we took that long!

Pastor James and Jordan discussing movements.

Wedding Processional

I loved this view of the vines, it was such a beautiful back drop.

Right before the big moment…

My dad, bridesmaids and I made the trek from the homestead to the accommodation block, where we waited for the wedding processional to officially begin. We walked from the door that you can see there, around the fountain and along the path to the chapel.

Saffron was a bag of nerves but she held it together like the strong woman she is. Thank you for leading us in, you nailed it, girlfriend!

So excited!

Wedding Processional

Wedding Processional

Wedding Processional

The bridal party stood with their backs to the congregation and after opening with a prayer, we were seated.

I’m not going to lie, us sitting to one side definitely felt like a bit of a royal moment for me. It was very fitting, considering Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had just gotten married the weekend before!

My oldest friend Lucy did a Bible reading as part of the service, I actually hadn’t seen her in about 2 years! Unsurprising to either of us though, that really didn’t matter. We have the kind of relationship where years may pass and circumstances shift, yet nothing ever feels like its changed. I think that kind of friendship is rare, I treasure it so much.

We had two hymns during the service, the first was Amazing Grace and the second, Be Thou My Vision. James’ wife Katy kindly agreed to play the piano for us, she played beautifully and the acoustics in the chapel worked perfectly.

James preached from the book of Genesis about the purpose in which God made marriage for. As solemn as it was, it was so important that this was included in the ceremony. We wanted to outline to friends and family the importance we placed on getting married and how it was in God’s plan for us to do so.

After the sermon my Dad officially gave me away by placing both of our hands together. It was a beautiful gesture.

We recited traditional wedding vows which actually date back to the 1500’s which I think is pretty cool! Jordan handled the exchanging of rings with ease.

…I, however, did not, although luckily you can’t tell by this photo!

Finally, after all was said and done, we were announced husband and wife and Jordan kissed his bride!

Making things official.

I love this photo of Jordan’s mum, she just looks so joyful!

All photos by Chloe May

There is still so much more yet to come, so pull up a chair and get comfortable because we are just getting started! I hope you’ve enjoyed my wedding recap so far, I would love for you to stay with me for the next post.