The Wedding at Glen Erin

Glen Erin

Before I post photos from the reception, I thought it might be nice to show you what the inside looked like before all of our guests arrived! As you know, we held our wedding at Glen Erin at Lancefield, which is a rustic little winery about 20 mins away from the town we live in. While the close location was definitely a plus, we wanted to get married somewhere that would be easy for us to coordinate the various parts of our wedding (food, drink, flowers etc.) and somewhere that would be convenient for our guests. Luckily for us, Glen Erin had a solution for everything!

Jordan and I were engaged in December and started planning our wedding at the end of January. Originally we were planning for a December wedding, but due to some family circumstances, we decided to pull the wedding forward a few months. 7 months to be exact…giving us just 4 months to plan. We had already sussed out a few venues online and Glen Erin turned out to be the first and only venue we looked at. At the time of our visit, they had no Saturdays left in December, so we were debating on a Friday or Sunday wedding. Once we decided to pull it forward, to our delight all the Saturdays in May were free, so Saturday, May 26 was decided on.

One of the most appealing factors about Glen Erin was their wedding package. When comparing with other venues, we found that a lot of places had multiple options for food and drink and the price per head was quite expensive. Because of this, we considered hiring a venue and then sourcing our own suppliers for food and getting the drinks ourselves. But then, of course, we had to consider hiring a caterer and wait staff, beverage attendants plus someone for flowers and decor, oh the list goes on.

Glen Erin

Thankfully, that’s where Glen Erin stepped in. Their all-inclusive wedding package included the following: Food (various options available), a beverage package, flowers and various decor items for the reception, the wedding cake, table decor, the use of the vineyard for photos, wait staff plus more. This was all determined by a standard price per head cost, from there we got to choose all of the food, drink options, cake and the theming of the reception. They also had accommodation available for our guests, most of whom travelled from our hometown of Geelong to be there, which was super convenient. The only things we added on at an extra cost was the hire of the chapel for the ceremony and a beautiful piece of greenery – which you’ll see pictured below – that was installed above the dance floor with some fairy lights running through it.

Glen Erin

For the table settings, we chose round wine barrel lids for the flowers to sit on. The flowers were done by Hazel at Gisborne Cottage Flowers who liaised with our florist (who did the bridal bouquets) to ensure the colours matched. They collaborated beautifully and it worked perfectly. I also loved the high stands for the flowers, I hadn’t seen anything like it before and I think it made a big impact on how the room looked. It also made it easy for our guests to be able to see each other from the across the table!

We decided against wedding bonbonnieres (favours for the guests) as they honestly seemed like a big waste of money. Instead, we decided to rent some Polaroid cameras from Prinstax for the tables, so our guests could take polaroids throughout the night and take them home to keep as a memento from our wedding. Prinstax were great, their service was so easy to use, I highly recommend!

Glen Erin provided table numbers and printed menus, so the only thing I needed to do was supply place cards. I tried to find these online, but again, it just seemed like a huge waste of money so, like the order of service booklets, I decided to do these myself. Using the same floral illustration from the invitations, I simply set up a template in InDesign, typed out everyone’s names in the font I liked and then printed them on brown kraft paper and folded them. It took a bit of time, but it definitely saved us some money and kept to the overall theme of the wedding, which I was determined to keep consistent.

Glen Erin

I loved the placement of the wedding cake on these wooden boxes, we also had our bouquets placed there for extra decoration. It was exactly the kind of rustic look I had envisioned.

I found these beautiful deer cake toppers on Etsy, they were a bit more expensive than some of the other ones but I just could not resist them. They are currently sitting on our dining table, so we are definitely still getting use out of them and they are a great little keepsake from the day. The cake was from Blackbird Cakes and had 3 tiers of different flavoured mud cake; white chocolate lemon, marble and chocolate raspberry. It was so good, one of my biggest regrets from the day was that I didn’t get to finish my slice!

The bridal table didn’t have high stands for the flowers like the other tables, I liked the simple look of these on the front.

The guest tables were round, while ours was a half round option, so we could all talk with one another whilst still being in view of our guests!

On the gift table, which was also in the room, we had a variety of different props from Glen Erin to choose from. We chose this birdcage to serve as our wishing well and I made the sign and had it printed and framed it in a simple wooden picture frame from Big W.

Glen Erin supplied the chalkboard to call out the gift table and I had another little sign printed and framed inviting our guests to sign our guest book. You can’t really see the guestbook here but it was a beautiful handmade wooden book with our names printed on it.

The greenery we had above the dance floor, it looked so pretty when it got dark.

Glen Erin
All photos by Chloe May

All up, the reception decor came to life just as I envisioned it. Big thanks to Glen Erin for coordinating such a beautiful night for us, it looked spectacular and the food was great!

More about our night coming up in my next post…