The Little Joys

As I’m sure you can relate, these days just all seem to blur into one. I’ve never been one to get my days mixed up, but as they all feel very much the same to me, I have actually done so several in the last few weeks. Seeing as there is no endpoint to this pandemic as of yet, I’ve been trying to make the most of the little joys in life.

Admittedly, the majority of these ‘little joys’ has been in the form of carb-heavy meals and snacks. Unfortunately, though, all good things must come to an end. For the sake of my waistline, I’ve had to cut back (I’m only on day 2 of cutting back, by the way, but baby steps.) In the meantime, I’ve been focusing my attention on what’s coming in the mail.

Little Joys

While I haven’t been making mindless purchases online (I’m actually a very careful shopper), conveniently, it just so happens we’ve…needed a few things. That and May is actually quite a big month for us, with Mother’s Day, Evie’s birthday and our wedding anniversary all falling within a few weeks of each other. As Australia Post has been experiencing delays in their service due to COVID-19, it’s made receiving deliveries more exciting because they’ve been arriving so much later than expected. By the time they arrive, I’ve nearly forgotten about them. Keyword being: nearly.

Anyway, while I wouldn’t say this Mecca delivery was a necessity exactly, it seemed like a good time to take advantage of their free delivery and stock up on some things for my skin. I’ve never been the best with the whole cleansing and moisturizing thing, but as I’m now pushing 30, I figured it was probably about time I started to take better care of it.

I’m a sucker for Mecca’s packaging and like to re-purpose the tissue paper and boxes for gifts of my own. For this reason, I felt ok about choosing their signature packaging option.

What have you been ordering online?