The Last of 2017


Well once again the busyness of December caught up with me, so you will have to excuse my absence for the last couple of weeks. Along with starting a new job and the usual Christmas madness, I am so pleased to announce that Jordan and I got engaged! It truly was one of the most magical nights of my life and I have genuinely been so caught up with how in love I am with him that I have hardly been able to focus on much else. Having the opportunity to spend some real quality time with friends and family over the Christmas break as well has been so lovely, I have honestly just been trying to savour every moment.


Before I go too in-depth about the last few weeks, I feel it’s only appropriate to touch on 2017 as a whole. While I no longer feel the need to categorise years as either “good” or “bad” like I used to, I will say that 2017 was certainly not without its challenges. I would say for the most part, predominately with my work situation. At the start of the year, I was already starting to seek more progression and as the months passed on, I started to consider other opportunities. As fate would have it, soon I wouldn’t have the luxury of being employed as a visual merchandiser while looking for a new job, as Topshop Australia ended up entering into voluntary administration. After weeks of uneasiness at work, with no new stock deliveries and our prices being slashed by up to 90%, we were given the news that our store would be closing and we would all effectively be out of a job. While I look back on those months as being kind of fun – 6am starts were spent ripping down walls and dancing across the huge amount of floor space, we took extended breaks, threw away the terrible CD’s they made us play in favour of our own (my 90’s playlist went off) and quite frankly weren’t nearly as friendly to customers – it was also a really stressful time. I was officially unemployed for just one week but ended up having four weeks off as there was an issue with the contract from my new employer.

To cut a long story short, after being made redundant I accepted the first opportunity that came my way and unfortunately had a really bad experience with this particular brand. I was told quite often by management that it was just “bad timing” and perhaps to some degree it was. In saying that though, there were some things that went on that were quite frankly just not acceptable. Having been unemployed for 4 weeks and struggling to find the right fit elsewhere – let alone, the time to attend interviews – I was put in a really awkward position. Eventually, I realised there was no other option other than to just be honest with my employer, which ultimately resulted in my decision to resign. After biting the bullet, I crossed my fingers in the hope that one of the other positions I had fortunately interviewed for would come through and luckily, after another week of unemployment I was offered a field visual merchandising position with a women’s fashion brand.

I cannot describe to you the sense of relief I felt having been able to not only succeed in stepping into a more senior role but also being offered the right training and resources to be capable of actually doing the job. I spent a week in Sydney earlier this month working hands-on with my manager and I am so excited to step into the New Year and really work hard to prove that I am able to perform my job well.


After a tough year career-wise, I am extremely grateful to finish the year on a more positive note. In saying this, over the last few months, I have also experienced some serious hardships, the most serious I have ever known. Putting that aside, I will say that I truly believe that through real adversity comes true growth. And while at times it has felt impossible, I know that when we reach the other side of this, we will all be closer than ever. I know this because of the work God has done in my life, in particular throughout this year; I am now closer than ever to my sister and have continued to forge bonds with my brother. I have a much more honest relationship with my parents and have been blessed with the friendship of many families at the Church Jordan and I started attending earlier this year. I feel like my relationship with God is something I have rarely if ever talked about on my blog, and as a Christian of 20 years, I feel this is unacceptable. I give him full credit for the life I have and the countless blessings I have received from him throughout this year.

As 2017 comes to a close, I find myself so excited for the future. I cannot wait to plan our wedding and continue to forge bonds with all of our loved ones. I am excited for my new job and to come home to our dog Wallace every day! While I know that there are still hard times ahead, I can rest easy knowing that I have been blessed with the promise of a man that will love me on earth forever and the love and promises of an unfailing God.

I hope you enjoyed my lengthy wrap-up, have a safe night and I’ll see you all in 2018!