The Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road

What is even happening in the world right now? This past week has been a whirlwind, every day it seems like stricter measures are being put into place. After days of deliberation, over the weekend I made the decision to cancel our trip to Victoria. Good thing I did too, as, like a lot of states have done already, Queensland borders will close tonight. As more businesses close up shop and countless people lose their jobs, the effects of COVID-19 are gradually starting to feel more real.

I’m still not ready to think too far into the future, because the prospect of it has the potential to be quite distressing. It fills me with so much sadness to be isolated from our friends and family back home and not know when we will next be able to seem them. Will it be in 6 months time? A year? More? There’s just so much we don’t know. As a result, the homesickness I finally managed to curb over the last 12 months is starting to rear it’s ugly head again. I’m trying not to feed into it. We have it really good here in Townsville, so I’m trying to focus on counting my blessings instead.

I’ve been looking at old pictures lately and reminiscing on simpler times. It’s amazing how much perspective becoming a parent and a global pandemic can give you. While these pictures make me ache with sadness, I’m happy that I can live through my memories until we are home again.

The Great Ocean Road

These pictures were taken over the Easter long weekend in 2016. Jordan and I had only been going out for about 2 months and it was our first trip together. We decided to go on a trip along the Great Ocean Road just over a week beforehand. Because of this, it was a bit of a challenge to find accommodation. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty popular spot to go to over Easter. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Luckily, we were able to find a spare cabin at a holiday park in Port Campbell, where neither of us had ever been before. Throughout our journey, we made plenty of stops along the Great Ocean Road. First up, was the lighthouse in Aireys Inlet, though we didn’t go in.

Next up was the Great Otway National Park for a walk. Come to think of it, we did a lot of walking pretty much everywhere we went.

The Great Ocean Road

We had lunch in Apollo Bay and to this day, Jordan still talks about the smoked salmon he had there.

After lunch, we went for another big walk. I’m not sure if this was in Apollo Bay or just out of it? We got some amazing views from wherever we were though.

This was a lookout we stopped at when we were nearly at Port Campbell – again, I’m not sure which one it was. All the lookouts just blend into one.

We had beer and chicken parmigiana’s at the local in Port Campbell that night. The air was fresh in the outdoor eating area but we didn’t mind.

The next day was stormy, perfect weather for visiting the beach.

This was the first picture Jordan and I took together as a couple and one of the few we got together on the trip. We had just gotten stuck in a short-lived downpour but we as you can tell from our smiles, we didn’t care.

We headed to the 12 Apostles (or what was left of them) as I had never seen them before. I was pretty underwhelmed, but at least I can say I’ve done it!

Later that day we drove to Warnambool and spent the afternoon and evening exploring the little town.

On our way home the next day we went back to the Otways and did the Tree Top Walk.

That long weekend along The Great Ocean Road remains as one of my all-time favourite memories and I can’t wait to be back there one day soon. Hopefully, that day really is soon. For now, I have these photos and Bloom by Rufus which always reminds me of that trip. We listened to it on our road trip and every time I listen to it now I can see the winding road in front of me. It’s amazing how music can take you right back to a place in time, no matter how long ago it was.