The Australian Open

The Australian Open

As we do every summer, yesterday my best friend Luke and I paid a visit to the Australian Open. Although I don’t know much about tennis, I find it’s always interesting to watch. I also find it very relaxing, and there is never a shortage of eccentric people to surreptitiously stare at.

When we first arrived, the most surprising thing happened in the ticket queue. We had been moving at a glacial pace for what felt like hours in 39-degree heat, and as we neared the ticket box I found myself feeling rather odd. The world around me blackened, I felt queasy and the voices of my fellow liner-uppers were like a distant thought in my head. The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground, with what seemed like dozen of strangers heads floating above me.

Apparently I fainted, although I don’t actually remember landing at all. Under normal circumstances, I would’ve been hideously embarrassed, however maybe because of the shock I kind of just shook it off. I thanked the two old ladies who helped me out and fled the scene of the crime in a daze. It still gives me a little giggle when I think about it.

The Australian OpenVOGUE US June 2006, She’s Got Game, Caroline Trentini photographed by Miles Aldridge

After the Australian Open, Luke and I always eat abominable amounts of junk food and laugh like crazed lunatics all the way home on the train. This year we even did some experimenting with Oreos and chocolate sundaes at McDonald’s.

Ah, it’s a good life.