Thanksgiving, Gossip Girl

While Halloween seems to have taken off with some success in Australia, Thanksgiving doesn’t seem to have had the same traction. I mean it makes sense, historically, it’s of no real relevance to us. Similarly, our climate in November doesn’t exactly mesh well with pumpkin carving and autumn leaves. All that aside though, I believe Thanksgiving is a day worth celebrating. The name speaks for itself, it’s a day set aside to give thanks. What a humbling concept.

The OC

As I lived in New Jersey, USA for a brief period during my childhood, I was lucky enough to actually get to celebrate the holiday properly. Unfortunately, I was a little too young to appreciate the food and honestly, it’s one of my biggest regrets.

Thankfully for the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to attend Thanksgiving celebrations with friends from our church back in Victoria. As it turns out, the pastor’s wife is American, so every year they put on a huge spread at their house and invite the entire congregation. A few key players handle the most important food. Roast turkey and chicken, the stuffing, homemade cornbread and pumpkin pie. The rest of us fill in the blanks – scalloped potatoes, greens, and alternative desserts. It’s a wonderful way for friends to spend time together and give thanks to the Lord. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to experience some good ol’ fashioned American cooking! I’m sad that this year we’ll miss out.

In saying that though, what a perfect opportunity to start a tradition of our own. The last few years the ‘Friendsgiving’ trend seems to have taken off, I think this works particularly well in Australia. Thanksgiving is not a family-oriented event over here, generally, that’s reserved for Christmas. So why not celebrate it with friends? I think it works well because the lead up to Christmas can be so hectic. Often, it can be hard to find the time to catch up with people. There’s a real opportunity here, my fellow Aussies!

Thanksgiving, Gilmore Girls

Celebrations aside, I actually just really love the Thanksgiving-themed episodes of my favourite TV shows. They make my heart feel warm inside. They also give me an opportunity to live vicariously through their picturesque surroundings. Thanksgiving in New York with the characters from Gossip Girl. The interiors, table decor and fall colour ways subtly hinted at in their outfits. Just divine. A more dressed down Thanksgiving with the guys from Friends, there is a Thanksgiving episode in every season! A picturesque Thanksgiving in Stars Hollow with Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls. I can’t put into words how much I love that New England aesthetic. Finally, Thanksgiving with the Cohen family on The OC complete with ocean views. The Season 1 episode is definitely one of the highlights of the whole show.


So while Thanksgiving may not be on the cards for me this year, it certainly has inspired me. Maybe we will try it out next year?Friendsgiving at our house, who wants to come?

Will you be celebrating Thanksgiving/Friendsgiving this year?