Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Our summer holidays are nearly over, so I thought I’d share some snaps from the past few weeks in sunny (and not so sunny) Geelong. I must admit, being back in my hometown after so long dreaming about it felt a little surreal. It’s still the same old place and yet like all places, it changes. There are new buildings, new businesses and plenty of new house developments. That and the impact of COVID is a lot more noticeable here than it is in Queensland. Mandatory face masks indoors took a little while to adjust to, as did the new booking processes when wanting to go out to eat. All of that aside though, at the end of the day Geelong will always be home to me. And boy has it been good to be home.

After spending nearly 12 months uninterrupted in North Queensland, the feeling of cool air on your face after you step off the plane is like nothing else. I still remember the feeling from our first trip home last year, and after escaping the heat of the wet season, it truly feels like you are breathing for the first time. I have been taking full advantage of the dry air by taking up running again. It has been over 2 years since I last ran and it felt so amazing to be able to do it again. That and lots of walks is how I’ve been spending my down time in between catching up with friends and family.

Summer Holidays

We caught up with my sister and her husband for a bbq in my first week here, how beautiful is their garden?

I’m very happy Daniels Donuts has a store in Geelong now.

Angus the retriever puppy and Evie!

Drinks to match my outfit.

Summer Holidays

We honestly didn’t expect the weather to be so cool in VIC, this pink knit of mine has gotten a lot of wear since we’ve been here.

A building that is unfamiliar to me, this looks like it comes straight out of the future. I think it’s the library.

Summer Holidays

Catch ups with one of my oldest friends Lucy, one rainy night. Look at what we’re wearing, honestly, you wouldn’t think it was summer!

After many overcast days it was truly wonderful when the sun came out. This is the walking track that I’ve been running on.

In between Christmas and New Years we indulged in some day drinking for our friend Stew’s birthday.

Summer Holidays Summer Holidays

We went to the Sporting Globe, an old stomping ground of ours from many years ago.

I’ve been obsessively taking photos of flowers in the garden. I especially love how they look right after its rained.

Summer Holidays Drinks at Sailor’s Rest.

Summer Holidays

We caught up with one of our favourite couples, who also have a toddler daughter like us. Britt and I go way back!

Breakfast at 9 Grams.

We’ve been to Torquay a few times since we’ve been here, as its not too far from Jordan’s parents house, where we’ve been staying.

Dinner at Frontbeach.

Like all good things, it’s only a matter of time before our summer holidays will come to end. In the meantime, I’ll be relishing as much of this place as I can and will take comfort in all of the photos I’ve taken for memories sake.