The Start of February

I recently saw an Instagram post that really resonated with me. It said that the start of February is basically a second chance at January and the perfect time to re-evaluate your goals if January didn’t go quite as expected. What a refreshing concept. Don’t get me wrong, my January was really good. I will say though that it took me a lot longer to bounce back from Christmas than it usually would. My Christmas hangover included lazy meals, late nights and mornings, minimal exercise, less budgeting, too many biscuits and a general lack of routine. It’s only in the last week or so that I’ve started to feel like I’ve gotten back into the swing of things, and I’m pretty relieved about that.

I’m actually really glad February is here: the school holidays are over, all the big sales have ended, businesses are open and the magazines are hopefully looking a lot thicker. I am looking forward to what this month brings, especially around the house as we continue to settle in. We have lots of odd jobs to complete and decorating to do so I will endeavour to document our efforts on the blog.

Until then, please enjoy a summary of what I enjoyed most in January.

The Start of February

I scored these planners from kikki.K after Christmas and I am so proud of myself for actually using them. Writing things down really helps me to remember all the thoughts in my head and they’ve really helped me to stay organised. I also really love the colour of the weekly planner, it’s a little different from my usual choice of pink and feels really fresh and summery.

It has been raining frequently and heavily in Townsville over the past week and I have been loving it. Provided it doesn’t eventuate into another flood event, I am more than happy to sit inside with a mug of tea and a movie and listen to the rain on the roof.

I tried this 1-hour express tan from Bondi Sands and it has changed my life. No more stained sheets for me! I recommend leaving it on for 3 hours for maximum effect.

I recently watched Cheer on Netflix as I was curious as to what all the fuss was about. I’m not gonna lie, I was hooked from episode 1. The comradery of the Navarro cheer team was what I found most impactful about it and I highly recommend.

As per tradition, we had a Cob loaf over the Australia Day long weekend and it was delicious.

We put up our first picture in our new house, in the highest point, of course.

The Start of February

I love the moody grey light when it rains but Townsville really turns it on when the sun comes out. Nothing but blue skies.

How is the start of February looking for you?