Seashell by Spell

Seashell by Shell

Summer is in the air and I am currently captivated with the latest lookbook from Spell. ‘Seashell’ contrasts beautiful flowy pieces with a simple ocean background. Isabel Lucas is the leading lady in the campaign imagery and takes me right back to her Home and Away days. Has she even aged at all?


To give you some background on my feelings about summer, we’ve gotta go back a few years. When I was in my early teens I was incredibly self-conscious and a little overweight. I was not a fan of summer, in fact, I dreaded the lead up to the warm weather starting. I didn’t feel comfortable wearing seasonally appropriate clothing because of my size. As a result of this, I was often overdressed and very hot. Thankfully, I made it out of those awkward years. I am now proud to say that I have well and truly learned how to embrace summer.

Seashell by Shell

A big part of what attributed to my acceptance of summer was learning about what clothing flatters my shape. That and how to keep cool, without necessarily showing a lot of skin. I have never been a fan of denim shorts or mini dresses, which I often think are summer ‘go-to’s’ when it comes to fashion. I like to be comfortable and let’s be honest, I like a bit of airflow! Enter, the maxi dress.

I remember when I first discovered maxi dresses – I think I was around 19 – and it was revolutionary for my summer wardrobe. They are super flattering on most body shapes and can be fitted or flowy. Personally, I like it both ways. I basically live in maxi dresses during summer, I think they are so timeless and chic. Rachel Zoe always comes to mind when I think about styling a maxi.


Seashell by Shell

Living in a tropical climate where summer never really goes away, I am all about dressing for comfort. It helps that these flowy pieces from Spell are durable for sweltering lunches spent with friends in backyards and on balconies. That and they are also just really beautiful. Spell is Byron Bay-based, which I’m sure is not surprising when you look at how their designs look backdropped with sandy beaches, wind-whipped hair and tan skin.


I think a big part of me honestly just longs to be Isabel Lucas in these pictures. When I look at them I am reminded of how I felt at 14, wishing I could be someone else. While I certainly don’t feel like that now, and while there are certain factors preventing me from being ‘that girl’ (I’m a little doughy) it brings me comfort to know that I can still pull my own version of this off.


Muse Isabel Lucas
Photographer Jamie Green of Oh So Mellow
Creative and Styling Isabella Pennefather
Styling Assistant Lisa Danielle
Hair and Makeup Ashlea Penfold
Set Styling Lucy Ewing
Production Mel Carrero
Videographer Amadeus Bell-Todd


So while I may never be a Byron Bay cool girl, I’m going to live vicariously through these images and plan my summer wardrobe accordingly. That, and try to look as glamourous as Isabel looks when I hang out the washing…

What are your favourite pieces from the Spell ‘Seashell’ lookbook? I’d love to know your thoughts!


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