Romance: Part 1


As I write this I’m sitting in a cafe at Heathrow Airport. After being in Paris for a week, I’ve headed to the UK to spend a few more days with my friend Katie who recently moved here. I’ll be back in Paris on Thursday, as I haven’t quite gotten my fix yet! In the meantime, a lot has happened over the last few weeks.

After months and months of planning and deliberating, I came to the decision that I wanted to go to University. Working full time for the past 2 and a half years has given me some great opportunities; I have met some really cool people, enhanced my skills and made a great start in an industry I am passionate about. That being said, it has also been stifling, uninspiring and tremendously stressful at times. Ironically, I dug myself a little hole, where I sat quite comfortably. At 22 I don’t want to be comfortable – I want to challenge myself, re-define my creative boundaries and understand things on a more educated level.


So I quit my job and finished up a couple of weeks ago. While it’s a relieving feeling, it’s also really confronting no longer having any boundaries as to what I do with myself every day. I’ve transitioned into a sales role at Sportsgirl, which is my favourite Aussie brand and frankly, a much better fit.

I applied for a Bachelor of Design in Styling and Creative Direction at the Whitehouse Institute of Design in Melbourne a few months ago and had my interview right before I left for Paris.


Dress; Caroline Morgan, bracelet; Lovisa, flower crown; Lady Petrova, Sunglasses; Ebay

I styled the above shots for my portfolio, which I needed as part of my application for Uni. I’ll be posting some more in the coming weeks! The theme I chose was Romance – so naturally, I interpreted it the old fashioned way. Florals, floaty fabrics and the colour pink.

Look out for my Paris and London travel diaries in the upcoming weeks!

(Oh, and I was accepted into Uni!)