Paris Photo Diary: Part 7

The next day I headed to the Louvre and this time, I actually went inside. If I were to sum up the Musée du Louvre in one word it would be: overwhelming. When I first entered the museum I took an escalator downstairs into the main lobby. After purchasing my tickets, I then went back up multiple flights of stairs into the different wings. What I didn’t realise was that all of those huge buildings that surround the Louvre in the main square are actually part of the museum. It is absolutely huge.

One of my favourite things about Paris museums are the ceilings. Absolutely breathtaking.

The Mona Lisa was as expected; underrated, really small and surrounded by Japanese tourists. I took a courtesy photo anyway. It astounds me how such a small painting can be so famous, especially in comparison to some of the other pieces of work I saw.

I spent a little bit of time resting on a bench and people watching out the window. One guy was actually rollerblading in the rain, he eventually took off his top and I was kind of anticipating something crazy would happen. Nothing did, though.

I spent about 4 or 5 hours in the museum but wouldn’t even be able to say what percentage I got through. I’ve read that it would take about a month to see everything in the Louvre, just to give you an idea! This day was really quite exhausting, trying to soak up so much history and art in such a small amount of time was very mentally stimulating but also a bit of a strain. I was so glad I went, though.

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