Our New House

Our New House

As I wrote about in this post (and have mentioned a few times since) we purchased our first home at the end of last year. After a frantic and stressful move, we had exactly four days to settle in before¬†we returned home to Geelong for Christmas for a month. We’ve been living here for 6 weeks now, so I thought I would give you some insight into what our new house actually looks like.

First up is the entryway, our front door is huge which made moving furniture into the house a breeze. At first, I thought the front door looked strange being so far back, but I have grown to appreciate it now. It feels safer being so far back from the street somehow. I also love having an entryway and am trying to figure out how to decorate the area. Perhaps a small side table might work, or a picture on the wall?

It feels strange to be so excited about a house, but it really does feel like such a shift from renting. Obviously a big part of that is because we have to do everything ourselves now. Bathroom resealing, re-attaching things to walls and trying to figure out how to get things off walls, yard maintenance – owning a home is not without its downsides. That being said, once the boring jobs get ticked off our to-do list there is so much opportunity to truly make this house our own and I can’t wait.

Our kitchen and living area is all open plan and a really big space. It’s hard to see well in the photos, but we have a cathedral ceiling in this room. It’s amazing how much difference a high ceiling can make, and how it can still feel so cosy at night. Our kitchen has heaps of storage room and bench space which I saw as a huge redeeming factor when we went to the open house. I’m still fine-tuning how to best use the storage in here as I want to utilize it as well as I can. We have plans to add some curtains and blinds to this space as well.

Our master bedroom gets heaps of natural light, which I love. It also feels like such a luxury to have carpet in this house, as our last house was all tiles. One interesting feature about our bedroom is that the ensuite bathroom is open plan. At first, we thought it was really weird and even tossed around the idea of putting a wall up later down the track. Now that we’re living in the house though, we’ve grown used to it. Luckily, we also have an additional bathroom, so if we need a bit of extra privacy that option is available!

We have a separate “theatre” room that we have decided to use as a playroom/study. It’s great having a “safe space” for Evie to explore, especially now as she becomes increasingly more mobile. It’s also nice to have a more private space to keep our desk and computer. The room easily tucks away with sliding doors which I think is a great feature.

Jordan found it easier to set this desk up without my help apparently…

The house boasts 4 bedrooms, which was an important factor we considered when we purchased it. We have plans to increase our family over the next few years so we wanted a lot of space!¬† For the time being though, it’s great to have enough room for guests to stay. We also have plenty of storage to keep all of our stuff. And boy do we have a lot of stuff…

Evelyn’s room came pre-decorated, which we considered such a bonus. It’s so nice knowing we have the freedom to decorate her room however we want without getting in trouble! In addition to the spots, we have plans to add some more things to the walls as well.

Our laundry is large and light-filled but has one tiny downside… I’m not opposed to buying a new washing machine though, any excuse for an upgrade!

I hope you have enjoyed this little snapshot of our new house. I plan on updating the blog with our progress as we continue to settle in.