Our Honeymoon


After our Wedding, ourselves and most of our family and friends spent the night at the venue. The next morning, we had a buffet breakfast together in the restaurant. It was a really nice way to end the event. After saying goodbye to everyone all over again, we grabbed our gifts, guestbook and other things and hit the road. We headed home for a pit stop first to drop off the things we didn’t need – mainly my huge wedding dress – and then we headed away on our honeymoon!


Jordan and I weren’t able to take a lot of time off work, so we opted for a 3-night mini-break in Mt Beauty. It’s a small town that we have stayed at in the past when we have gone snowboarding. Similar to Bright, it is an absolutely gorgeous little town. It’s known particularly for its stunning display of golden leaves during the autumn months. You know I thought about this when we planned it!


We stayed in a beautiful little chalet at a place called Dreamers, and of course, we picked the honeymoon chalet. It was super cosy inside, but obviously, it was more than enough room for just the two of us.

The room featured this outdoor spa, which was heavenly to sit in on a cold night. The chalet itself was actually separated by a small bridge and had trees surrounding it, so it was very private. It was so quiet there.

This king bed took up most of the space in the main room, it was so comfy. I loved those little fairy lights, they were really pretty and a nice touch. The whole room was surrounded by windows, so the light would pour in from every direction. I took the first photo from the upstairs reading nook, which was accessible via a small wooden ladder.

The bathroom had a huge double shower that you could access from either side and let me tell you, the water pressure in there was like a waterfall. I loved the sunken lounge with the open fire, unfortunately, it didn’t really get cold enough to need it, but we put it on one night anyway.

After settling in, we spent the afternoon going through all of our cards, looking at polaroids from the night before and reading our guest book. It actually took a bit of time, it was so lovely to read all of the kind words and well wishes from our friends and family. In the evening we headed into the tiny town to see if we could find somewhere to eat. The first place that I had looked up online several months earlier was randomly closed for the weekend. I think the owners had decided to go fishing or something…I was pretty annoyed about that but our hunger soon kicked us into gear to look for something else. The second place we looked at was closed on Sundays, it was not looking good for us. We actually thought we might have to drive to Bright to find something.

Luckily, the third place we looked at was open and turns out, was perfect. The restaurant was called Flour + Water and was completely empty when we arrived, apart from a woman having a drink at the bar. We were greeted instantly by the owner, David, who proceeded to give us incredible service all night. We were met with complimentary coconut-lemonade cocktails (which were so good) and once we told him we were on our honeymoon he actually brought over a bottle of champagne! What a guy.

We had a garlic pizza to start and then I had a hearty chicken pesto pasta for my main, while Jordan had an open souvlaki. Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the pure joy written all over my face in the photo above. After dinner, we were met with another cocktail, I think it was coconut-orange this time and we split a salted caramel popcorn waffle for dessert. Oh my goodness, it was all so good and we were so stuffed by the end of it. I would highly recommend this restaurant, I’m sure in peak snow season it would be absolutely bursting at the seams with people!

The next morning we headed up the road to do our one scheduled activity for the honeymoon, horse riding! Could there be anything more romantic!? The place we went to was called Bogong Horseback Adventures, we opted for the 3-hour trail ride through the beautiful mountain country.

There was only one other couple with us, so it was a fairly small group of us, with just two instructors. The older couple were actually celebrating their wedding anniversary, I think it was something like 25 years? Anyway, I thought it was rather fitting that we were there with them, right at the beginning of our marriage. The trail ride itself was stunning, although it took me a while to get the hang of the horses’ movements. Particularly trotting, I don’t think I ever really figured out the rhythm of that. As for cantering, I was too scared to do it so I had to ride separately with the nice European instructor. She was really lovely.

If you’re wondering, yes Jordan was a natural at horseriding and no, he didn’t stop reminding me of it. That boy, I tell you, he’s good at everything! I thought horseriding would be my thing, I guess all of those years spent reading and watching The Saddle Club was just a waste of time…


After our morning of horseriding, we headed back to the chalet and literally napped for the rest of the afternoon. I’m not a huge napper, because it feels like a waste of time to me. But on our honeymoon, there was no wasted time, so I embraced it and woke up to the above. How beautiful is that view?

After dinner in the bistro at the local pub, we spent the night by the fire watching some lame 90’s drama available to us from the selection of DVD’s in our chalet. The next morning we headed into Bright. The first thing we did was deposit the money from our wishing well into our savings account. I took great pleasure in explaining to the bank teller that we were on our honeymoon, and she loved it! All up, I highly recommend you tell everyone you can when you’re on your honeymoon.

After making our deposit, we had brunch at Blackbird Cafe, which was huge and incredibly tasty. Great coffee too!

Afterwards, we went on a little stroll through the town, it was so quiet. I’ve only ever been to Bright during school holidays or peak season, so many of the shops were closed and there actually wasn’t a lot to do there aside from eating (which, trust me, we wouldn’t be able to do for several hours). We ended up finding a little trail walk and went on a mini hike. It rained a little bit, but we didn’t mind.


Afterwards, we came home to one last spa for the trip. I really loved that outdoor spa. Afterwards, we had a little antipasto platter for dinner and indulged in another 90’s drama.

The next morning it was time to go, but not before embracing our surroundings one last time.


This outfit felt very seasonal so I insisted on wearing it during our stay.

knit and jeans, Topshop; boots, Timbaland

I love autumn!!!

All up, our honeymoon couldn’t have been more perfect. It was just the right amount of time we needed to recover from our wedding and Mt Beauty was a stunning location to spend it at. If you are ever around that area, I highly recommend you check out some of the places we visited, you will not be disappointed.