Our Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

On December 1 and not a moment before, we finally put up our Christmas tree! For the last couple of years, I have gotten myself way too geared up for Christmas, so this year I really had to try and play it cool. I think I handled myself pretty well if I do say so myself!

For the colour theme this year, I decided I wanted to change it up. For last the last two years I have stuck to a fairly modest colour theme of gold, silver, white and muted pink. After a visit to the Myer Giftorium for inspiration, I decided to do something a little less traditional. I obviously fell in love with the idea of using pops of fuschia – because I’m pink obsessed and have accepted it – teal and purple. After consulting with a trusty confidante, it was determined that I needed to balance it with loads of golds and silvers and as you can see, this was the result.

As for gift wrap, I originally thought I’d do the same paper for all the presents but completely by accident ended up creating a colour theme based on the Mecca Maxima bag! The present wrap kind of matches the decorations too I think…

Christmas Tree

I made some “snow” out of a white throw and dusted the tree off with a lovely gold star that Jordan thinks looks like an antenna. You be the judge…

Christmas Tree

For the Christmas tree lights, I stuck to warm white because I honestly think they just look more elegant. I did string some coloured lights throughout the house though just for an extra festive touch!

Is your Christmas tree up yet? And if so, do you have a colour theme and as much free time as I do? I’d love to hear from you!