One Year

One YearOne Year One YearOne Year

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog, which means it’s time for cliches. In all seriousness though, looking back over the past year has made me realise how much I’ve changed. Particularly in the sense that what inspires me – what I like – has changed.

It’s a wonderful feeling to look back and feel like I’ve accomplished something; even if that simply means that someone’s saved a picture they found here to their computer. This past year of fusing fashion, music and other stuff has been really great and I’m looking forward to continuing to push my creative boundaries in new and unique ways.

A big thank-you to all my followers, words cannot comprehend how I feel about the fact that people actually follow me! A big thank-you also to all the bloggers out there who continue to inspire me. Obviously, you don’t know who you are, but just pretend you do anyway.

Happy Birthday, It’s A Dull Life!