Nicole Richie

I first started gaining an interest in fashion when I was around 14. It was 2005 and Nicole Richie had just undergone her iconic transformation from trashy reality tv star to one of the most influential style icons of the mid-2000s. After flipping through countless magazines with Nicole splashed on the pages, I proudly displayed my affection for her on the walls of my bedroom and on my MySpace page.

The first pair of sunglasses I bought for myself was a bug-eyed style, as so favoured by Nicole. Among other things, this also included: giant cups of coffee, ballet flats and headscarves. I experimented with all of these things, fueled by my newly found self-confidence. If Nicole Richie of all people could change, why couldn’t I too?

The following is a celebration of some of my favourite style moments from Nicole Richie. She was and still remains to be one of the biggest influences on my personal style and for starting this blog. To me, her style is timeless. I hope you enjoy.

To me, Nicole Richie’s style is timeless and I can’t wait to see how her style evolves into the future!