My Favourite Christmas Presents

My Favourite Christmas Presents

As I wrote about in my previous post, we arrived home from our trip to Victoria just over a week ago. Since we’ve been home, I have been oddly regimental about putting things away. Whether it be cleaning up the kitchen after cooking, unpacking the dishwasher at the first opportunity or not letting our dining table turn into a dumping ground – you know what I’m talking about – I am all about keeping this new place of ours mess-free. Because of this, I unpacked all of our suitcases the day after we got home and as I was doing this, I had a chance to fully appreciate all of the beautiful gifts we received over the Christmas period. I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Christmas presents, most of which are actually Evelyn’s!

First up are these beautifully illustrated books from my best friend, Saffron. I was actually eyeing off the Claris book when we were Christmas shopping a few days before we caught up with her which is pretty coincidental. That being said I was not at all surprised when I saw it, things like that always happen with her and I, we just get each other, y’know?

My Favourite Christmas Presents

These happy little Vegemite pyjamas from Peter Alexander are just too cute, big thanks to our Sydney friends Jimmy and Stef for keeping Evie stylish even when she sleeps.

I love this little pink bunny from the Peter Rabbit range at Marks & Spencer. Jordan’s Grandad bought it in the UK and she has a little chime that jangles when you move her.

These books from Jordan’s brother Adam and partner Cathy are so cool and definitely something both kids and adults can appreciate. Where Are My Homie’s At  and 1 2 3 With the Notorious B.I.G are from here and ABCDC is from here.

So many pop culture references!

My Favourite Christmas Presents

How great are the colours too?

My Favourite Christmas Presents

Also from Adam and Cathy is this incredibly detailed storm trooper lawn ornament. We were admiring their collection of Star Wars characters in both their front yard and backyard so we were so excited when we got one of our own!

This Christmas stocking from Evie’s grandparents is so beautiful, it is so thick and soft. I’m looking forward to hanging it up this Christmas, as well as the ornaments.

We got this from snowglobe from Jordan’s aunty. I don’t think a childhood Christmas is really complete without one, don’t you agree?

My best friend Luke and his mum usually buy me homewares for Christmas and this time around they really hit the mark. I am in love with the florals on this plate, which is actually quite long. The bowl and knife are perfect for serving cheese and I am already envisioning the afternoon tea’s I will host with both of these pieces!

Lastly, what a great tin for shortbread! The biscuits are long gone but we will be re-using this for years to come.

Those are just some of my favourite Christmas presents our friends and family gifted us, our loved ones were extremely generous this past Christmas and there were a lot more not included in this post. We may just have to have more children to balance all the gifts out…

What did you get for Christmas? It’s never too late to talk about it!