March Recap

Every time I do a monthly recap, I seem to get even further behind than the last. I’m going to make it my aim to get back on schedule. March was a transitional month, both seasonally and in an emotional sense as well. The start of March was still really warm, in fact, from memory, I believe most of the month was. I’m normally a little more patient with March’s weather, as it always seems to lean towards the summery side. Now April on the other hand, don’t get me started on April…

Dress, Bardot; shoes, Betts; necklaces, Collette; purse, Sportsgirl

Jordan and I attended my good friend Britt’s wedding on a Thursday in the first week of March. The location of the wedding was at a little bed n’ breakfast in Eurobin, which is near Bright. It was an absolutely stunning day, the view of the mountains was breathtaking. It was nice to see them in a different season. Usually, I’m only around that part of Victoria during snow time! The ceremony and reception were both held here, it was very intimate. We spent the afternoon sipping on red wine and enjoying the amazing food in the backyard. Britt, you made such a beautiful bride, thank-you for having us there to witness your special day!

The backyard was set up with little cushions and candles, it was very cosy. After the sun had set, Jordan and I hit the dancefloor where he showed us all how to floss. I still don’t know how to, mind you, but the other guests were certainly entertained by the show!

The lead up to Easter was spent fitting in as many hot cross buns as my wedding diet would allow. It felt weird eating them so early in the year, personally I prefer Easter in April, when the weather is cooler. For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while now, I’m sure you’re not surprised by how oddly specific I am about this.

A lot of great winter product dropped into stores in March, including this amazing pink faux fur coat which I ended up buying. It is so soft.

Our good friends Michael and Maddie also put an announcement of our engagement in our local newspaper! It was such a nice surprise and a real novelty. These days big announcements just get posted on facebook and then you call it a day…(guilty).

About halfway through March, Jordan and I were baptised at our church. Having been a Christian since I was 7, it seems odd that this was something I hadn’t done. I had the opportunity to do so when I was a teenager but was actually really shy about getting up in front of a lot of people, so I never took it. Looking back, I realise that I wasn’t ready then, and after a few shaky years in my early 20’s, I see now that it was in the Lord’s plan for me to be baptised at age 26.

Jordan and I invited both of our families to attend the service and it was really great to profess both of our faiths in front of them. We both prepared brief testimonies to tell to the congregation before the baptism, which was extremely nerve-wracking. Through Christ’s strength though, we were able to. Afterwards, we were baptised. It was a moving experience for both of us, and one I will treasure forever.

After the baptism, we had a joint lunch with both families at our favourite local cafe. For afternoon tea, we headed back to our house where we indulged in a delicious baked cheesecake, made by yours truly. It was my first time baking one, I credit my success to this incredible recipe. I followed the instructions to an absolute tee (including getting up in the middle of the night to open the oven door) and was so happy with the result – as our guests were as well!

The cocktail pictured is from Berlin Bar, where we had birthday drinks for a friend. It’s definitely an interesting bar…

As per my usual 9-5, a lot of March was spent out on the road. The stores I like visiting the most are definitely the regional ones, the drives are just so much nicer. I still can’t believe some of the scenery I am exposed to on my morning commute.

I stumbled upon this stunning autumn display in Frankston of all places, how cool is it?

Finally, March came to a close with Easter, that 4 day weekend is one of my all-time favourite periods of the year. Jordan’s birthday was on Good Friday, so I came up with a theme of cooking all of his favourite foods over the weekend. It worked out very well indeed! I made another baked cheesecake for his birthday cake, this time with speckled eggs, which we enjoyed with our good friends in their house on the mountain. I made chocolate cupcakes with eggs in nests for Easter Sunday, what can I say, when I find a theme I like, I stick with it!

March was a great month, full of so many great times with friends and family. I may be a little overdue, but how was your Easter? I hope it was as full of love as mine was.

Until next time!