March: Love/Hate

March: Love/Hate

Thank-you to Francesca at Opinion Slave for inspiring this March Love/Hate post. Apart from her amazing style and incredible outfit posts, the thing that really stands out about her blog is her fine demonstration of wit. Check it out.

March: Love/Hate March: Love/Hate

March: Love/Hate


  • MTV – I will watch almost anything on this channel. The shows that are a few years old are my favourite. The Hills when (Lauren was still on it), Cribs and Laguna Beach, just to name a few. It’s so trashy and American and I eat it up with a spoon whenever I get the chance.
  • Collages by Miss Dior Couture – Ridiculous. You will regret not clicking this link.
  • Tumblr – It’s good for a quick high, especially when I don’t have the attention span to read blog posts and just want to look at pretty pictures. It’s an added bonus when one single picture leads you to something bigger and better.
  • Macbooks – I want one, I need one, oh baby, oh baby.
  • Cream Cheese – it’s got less fat than cheese, tastes amazing and is incredibly versatile. When I try to deprive myself of as many calories as possible, cream cheese comes in very handy.

March: Love/Hate March: Love/HateMarch: Love/HateMarch: Love/Hate


  • The fact that tinypics picture quality has turned into complete and utter trash and that maybe 3 bloggers have realised it.
  • Hankies – Seriously, they’re good for like, one maybe two blows?
  • Trying to wake up before noon and failing miserably. My bedtime is around 4-5am, so it makes it difficult.
  • Having a bedroom full of at least 5 unfinished projects. And leaving it like that.
  • Not being a student anymore and having to pay twice as much for everything.
  • Anything Kate Alexa releases. Namely, this. You’ve been warned.