Magnetic Island

After living in Townsville for a bit over 18 months, I am pleased to announce that I finally visited Magnetic Island! My friend Amy is currently visiting from Brisbane so yesterday her and I ventured out on the ferry and across perfectly blue waters to a little Island paradise only 13kms from Townsville.

To set the scene, Townsville is home to one very large Army base, known as Lavarack barracks. After our first posting in Puckapunyal, Victoria, we had made friends with quite a few army people and a lot of us lived in Kilmore, which is where Jordan and I moved to Townsville from. As army postings go, people are constantly coming and going and most of our core group has now been spread all over the country. Luckily, thanks to a good ol’ thing called the ‘Rona, some of our friends happened to be sent to Townsville for work. On Saturday night we caught up some of our pals from our old hood! We drank cold beers and aperol spritzes and ate pulled pork rolls in the backyard while reminscing on old times. One of the perks of being in the army is the built in community that comes with it. It’s nice to know that wherever we may post, we’ll always have friends nearby.

After the boys went home, Amy and I stayed up a little later and danced to Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album without a care in the world. The next morning we were a little dusty, but nothing would stop us from getting to Magnetic Island, even if we did read the timetable wrong and go to the wrong port…

After a busy morning and a caramel milkshake to tide us over until lunchtime, we arrived at Magnetic Island just after 11am. The ferry was lovely and we made sure to get seats up the top and towards the side of the boat for those perfect ocean views. We didn’t really do much pre-planning, so when we arrived we simply followed the crowd to a row of buses and hopped on. After a couple of stops we wound up at the beach with a row of eateries and a cute little market.

My favourite part about markets are the handmade stalls and this one had plenty. It was so pretty.

After a quick perusal of the markets, it was time to get a decent feed. We wound up getting back on the bus which took us to a better beach and decided on a worn out pub for lunch. Our expectations were low and the wait time was pretty abysmal but there is no feeling quite like seeing your food come in a restaurant, especially if you’ve have a few drinks the night before. My burger was actually not bad, I inhaled it and Amy’s schnitzel hit the spot!

After lunch we felt more than ready to hit the beach.

We honestly couldn’t have asked for better weather, if you’re looking to visit Magnetic Island, I highly recommend you visit in September. There were plenty of people around but I imagine there would have been a lot more tourists had international travel not been banned.

We spent the rest of the afternoon in the water and it was perfect. I can’t believe I’m admitting this seeing as I live in Queensland, but I haven’t actually done a lot of swimming since moving here. Swimming in that beautiful water reminded me of everything I’ve been missing so I’m going to make a real effort to get into the water more often!

After a relaxing afternoon, we headed back on the bus to catch our ferry home. We were surrounded by families with sleeping children and it made me think of my own child, who I can’t wait  to bring with me on my next ferry ride!

What a lovely weekend I had, it was so nice to get out of the house and do something a little different and to catch up with old friends! It was also a great reminder for me to never take living in Townsville for granted, one day we’ll leave here and I have no doubt that I’ll miss this place, even if it doesn’t always feel like I will.