London Photo Diary: Part 2


The next morning, Katie and I took the train to Paddington Station. This was our only full day together in London, so we really tried to make the most of the small amount of time we had to see the city.

Westminster Abbey 

We literally walked everywhere, and while we didn’t actually go inside any historical sights, we took our time enjoying the outside of them.

I just had to get a cliche ‘London telephone box’ photo – for the kids back home of course!

Buckingham Palace 

After making our way from Buckingham Palace, we were very surprised to see a hoard of people lining the streets. Soon after, several police-escorted vehicles made their way down the street and we were informed that Prince Harry was in one of the cars. I didn’t get a look at him, but it was really bizarre seeing how much of a fuss everyone made over him being transported in a car, from one building to another.

We had lunch at a cheesy American-style diner, and continued our London tradition of ‘chips with every meal’!

After recovering from our lunch, we made our way to Trafalgar Square, armed with bottles of cider. This is Katie’s favourite place in all of London, and I must admit, I was won over by its beauty.

The Blue Rooster

After spending a couple of hours people watching in the square, we decided to do a quick spot of shopping. Oxford Circus was amazing to see at night.

I have no shame in admitting that I spent nearly $200 AUD in Topshop. Visiting their flagship store was definitely my highlight of the trip, I literally could’ve spent hours in there.

We booked a room at a bed and breakfast in a nearby suburb, and much like our first train adventure in London, it took us several hours to get there. Once it got to 12am, we were in hysterics, walking around random back streets and creeping around a house we believed was the bed and breakfast we booked… After a drunk man riding a bicycle asked me for the time, despite himself wearing a watch, I realised we needed to find our accommodation and fast. Finally, we made it, after legging it from a bus stop. As soon as we got to our room we inhaled some wine, dip and crackers before collapsing into bed.

The next morning we made our way back to the airport and hurriedly gathered our things in preparation for my flight back to Paris and Katie’s journey back to Marlborough. Our goodbyes were rushed, and it didn’t really hit me for a couple of days that I wouldn’t be seeing my best friend again for at least another 9 months.

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