Keep Running

Keep Running

Hello and happy first day of March! I just love that new month feeling, especially when the first day lines up perfectly with a new week.  I thought I’d start off March with a bit of a motivational post. Not just for you, but for myself as well, as I’ve found my blog is one of the more effective places for keeping myself accountable.

As I mentioned in this post from our summer holidays in Geelong, I have recently taken up running again. After over 2 years off, a cooler climate felt like a safe place to get into it again and my reasonable consistency in using our exercise bike also aided in making the transition a smooth one.

Since returning back to the humidity of Townsville, I decided I really didn’t want to lose all of the progress I had made in Geelong, so I decided to give a running a go here. Does anyone else get nervous before they run? I do. My first Townsville run was nerve-wracking. In the end though, I did it. It was shorter than my usual distance but I think I can cut myself some slack for the 80% humidity.

My commitment to running looks a little different to down south. Firstly, as it gets so hot here so early, the best time to run is at about 6am, before Jordan heads to work. Secondly, I can only run when Jordan is home to look after Evie. Thirdly, it’s really hot here. Despite the odds, I am determined to keep running, as I genuinely enjoy it. I can’t believe I just said that, but it’s true.

In honour of this newfound commitment, I’ve put together a little playlist to keep me motivated. Because after all, isn’t the best part about running a bangin’ playlist?

I hope you enjoy!