July Recap


I’m not going to lie to you, July was a cold one. I don’t mind the cold too much so I tried to enjoy it as much as I could. I know I’ll miss it when we’re gone. All too soon we will be moving somewhere that only has two seasons. Hot and dry and hot and wet. The cold doesn’t seem so bad to me when I think of that!

The last few months I have spent a lot of time working on this little blog of mine. In particular, editing a lot of my old posts. Many weeknights in July were spent in front my computer. On Saturday’s I would also edit, sometimes with breakfast, but always with a nice, hot coffee.

I love this photo that Jordan took of Wallace watching the kangaroos. He’s definitely had a few altercations with them in his time in the countryside with us. Nothing he couldn’t handle though!


There were a few days in July where we had the most beautiful sunrises. It was quite special really as most days were very grey. I pulled over one morning on the way to work and took this photo. I didn’t quite capture the full sunrise but I think it came out ok. My Instagram was absolutely packed with sunrise photos that week…What a great example of natural revelation!

One Friday night in July, Jordan and some friends of ours decided to hit up our local racing club for dinner. Naturally, there was a raffle and to my surprise, my ticket won second prize! That’s right, you are now looking at the proud winner of a $30 gift certificate for our local fruit and vegetable shop. I still haven’t used it actually, I should probably get onto that…

On the second weekend in July, it was my birthday. I turned 27. I can’t say I was particularly excited about my birthday, which is a bit out of character for me. I put it down to my age and the fact that we just had the biggest party we’ll ever have. It’s hard to compete with your wedding. Anyway, the day before my birthday, Jordan and I spent the day in the city. We ate Kristy Kremes and I got Crash Bandicoot and a new pair of boots. After our shopping, we had dinner at Mitre Tavern, which is a steak restaurant off of Little Collins street. It was a wonderful day, it actually reminded me a lot of how I used to spend my birthday as a teenager. A trip to Melbourne to go shopping. I felt very special.

We ended up coming home with some more Kristy Kremes and spent the night playing Crash Bandicoot!

I caught up with Saffron the day after my birthday, we actually share the same birthday and always try to celebrate it together when we can. We went to an old Geelong favourite, Mexican Graffiti, which is a fairly average restaurant in my hometown and ate far too much. It was great.

Saffron got me these beautiful flowers which I have already raved on about in a previous post of mine. They lasted for ages, I think I took that photo nearly two weeks after I got them. Our house gets really cold, that probably aided in keeping them intact.

Speaking of cold, we took Wallace out one Saturday morning and all of the grass was covered in ice. It almost looked like snow! It was very pretty.

July was cold, I spent pretty much every day in my self-appointed uniform of black boots and teddy jacket.

I also spent a lot of time in the bath, is there anything more heavenly to do on a cold night?

Towards the end of the month, we caught up with Jordan’s family in Geelong. We went to Squires Loft in Torquay for dinner. Oh man, it had been too long. Their steaks are simply superb. Best dinner ever!

The next day Jordan and I hit the beach with Wallace.


It was a gloriously sunny day, but very windy. I love getting down to the beach when we can, we don’t go there as much anymore now that we’re more settled in our country town.

Office days are my favourite!

I’m still not sure how I feel about acai bowls…

During winter I tend to lean towards darker nail colours. I loved this purple colour I got, it was really sparkly in real life. Even better, they lasted for about 4 weeks.

I loved the contrast between the grey winter skies and bright yellow flowers.

All up, July was a fun month, full of socialising and great food. Did you get up to much in July?