Insta Winter

Insta Winter

Some insta winter shots from the past 2 months of this cold, cold season. Rather than just post these pictures, I’ve been inspired by Tenneil at Vintage Machine┬áto actually write about them. Seriously, go check out her blog, it’s amazing!

1. Beautifully wrapped birthday presents from my best friend, Luke. He listened when I complained about never receiving flowers and got me the most beautiful roses. Yes, roses people. He’s a keeper.

2. At the footy. Carn the Cats!

3. Some goodies I picked up from Victoria’s Secret.

4. Wearing my favourite flower crown before heading out for my friend Saffron’s 21st. I kept getting called Lana Del Rey all night – mind you I do NOT look like her but I was drunk enough to be flattered by the sentiment.

5. Early winter work mornings.

6. One of my favourite brekkies; beans and poached eggs on toast.

7. Flowers in black and white.

8. My new Samsung Galaxy S4. Taking the plunge from Apple to Samsung was the best decision I ever made. And I really never thought I’d say that. This was before I smashed the screen, but $350 later we have been reunited. Yeah I know, I have really great financial priorities.

9. My birthday haul; after having some friends over for a house party I was so surprised by the gifts I received. After turning 21 I figured that would be it on the present front, but I guess not. I have pretty great friends.

10. NOW – my mantra. I am in the process of applying this into all areas of my life. Sounds like a lot because it is.

11. Moscato Rosa, mmm.

12. My friend Katie and I on the night we dyed our hair dark for the first time.

13. My iridescent tote bag reflecting pretty colours on my bed.

14. Saffron and I on her 21st.

15. A stray cupcake leftover from my birthday party.

16. Cotton On University – it’s like going to class at work.

17. Afternoon tea at Luke’s; his family are like my second family and I love spending time with them whenever I can.

18. Saffron’s beautiful dresser, from Aldi would you believe!?

19. Attempting to read The Great Gatsby, I already read it once in high school but if I’m honest, I haven’t read a book in a long time. It’s been harder to get back into than I anticipated.

20. My friend Rachel’s baby shower, the cake was absolutely incredible. 5 ombre layers of pink with lollies on the inside!

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