Hilary Duff’s House

Hilary Duff's House

I was super excited when I found these photos of Hilary Duff’s house that were recently featured on Architectural Digest. Hilary Duff’s house is family oriented, filled with beautiful furniture and hosts a multitude of textures and colours throughout. It’s always exciting when a celebrity lets you into their home, and Hilary Duff’s house is certainly no exception, especially for me.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Hilary Duff, ever since I first saw her on Lizzie McGuire. I was obsessed with all of her movies, bought all of her albums and even went and saw her live in concert. I was a super fan. While my infatuation with her has since subsided (because I am an adult), I still continue to be a fan of her work and my impression of her as a person.

Hilary Duff's HouseI am obsessed with all things sheer and light weight when it comes to curtains. This room looks so cozy, I just want to curl up on the couch and put the fire on. 

I’m not the biggest fan of the black and white print but I can appreciate the shelving and light fixtures in here.

Hilary Duff's HouseHilary Duff's HouseI love the wood details in this room.

Hilary Duff's House It’s my ultimate dream to one day be host to a large bathtub by the window.

So much storage!!

This little sitting area is just perfect, it feels so tranquil.

Hilary Duff's HouseI love a floor to ceiling bathroom tile.

Hilary Duff's HouseWhat a cute little room for a toddler.

This is so cool! 

Hilary Duff's House I love this outdoor area, it looks perfect for entertaining.

A pool with a custom waterslide, I mean, why not? You’re Hilary Duff.

Honestly, this house is definitely aspirational but there are so many design ideas to keep you inspired. I know I certainly am! Are you a fan of Hilary Duff’s house?