A Half Top Knot Compromise

Half Top Knot

While I hang out for the dry season and continue to procrastinate about booking a hair appointment, I have found that a simple half top knot is the perfect happy medium when I want to look somewhat presentable.

I really struggle in the heat to wear my hair down, especially now that it’s grown so long! The humidity here is really high at the moment and just the feeling of hair sticking to my face and shoulders can be really annoying. Subsequently, my hair is pretty much always tied back in the wet season. It’s not the most flattering of looks but it just makes the most sense. That’s when the half top knot steps in…

Half Top Knot

To achieve the half top knot look, I simply tie up a handful of hair from the top of my head and wrap it around itself like until it resembles some kind of baked pastry. I then secure it with a hair tie and it miraculously stays in place. Well, most of the time… I am lucky enough to have the added advantage of having a lot of hair and currently live in a climate with 90% humidity to keep the structural integrity of my hair in place.

Bearing this in mind, I understand that these things may not apply to you and have some additional tips. Once you’ve tied your hair up, simple tease your hair near the crown of your head and then wrap. I also find bobby pins can be great for keep your half top bun in place as well as hairspray.

That’s my take on a simple half top knot. I’d love to know if this is a hairstyle you have found works for you, I used to wear my hair like this a lot but have only recently started implementing it again. I feel like it’s a pretty good compromise on those stinking hot days!