Gossip Girl

I am so excited that the first season of Gossip Girl is finally on DVD! My reason for this overwhelming joy is mainly because it currently does not air on free-to-air television, and we don’t have Foxtel at my house. It actually astounds me that it hasn’t been picked up by one of our usual stations, but whatever.

None of that matters anymore, because I no longer have to yearn. eBay is my saviour! Who cares if I probably paid more for 18 episodes than I should have; who gives a damn if postage was a little more than I’m ordinarily inclined to pay! This is Gossip Girl we’re talking about here people, not some cheap sitcom or lame law show. I loved the books, and although I haven’t actually watched any episodes of the show as of yet; I make the assumption that it will be awesome, and that’s all I can hope for. Who am I kidding, I know it’ll be awesome.