Gossip Girl Winter Fashion

Gossip Girl Winter Fashion

Even though new season spring product has already started dropping into stores, the reality is, winter ain’t over yet and we all know it. I won’t lie, I have been thinking about the warmer weather in recent weeks. But whenever I get too carried away, I cast my mind back to Gossip Girl…

Gossip Girl Winter Fashion

Even though the television show ended in 2012, like a lot of shows, I find myself constantly looking back to it for inspiration. The costume styling on Gossip Girl is timeless; the layering, the detail, all of it has a place in my aspirational wardrobe.

Is there anything more timeless than a tweed coat? I love the flared sleeves.

I’m also a huge fan of winter brights, Blair Waldorf in particular repeatedly appears in episodes wearing vibrant shades of red, green and yellow. This fuchsia and green combo is particularly memorable for me.

Gold jewellery to match the gold buttons on her jacket and a stocking with detail. An edgy yet feminine look.

This one is such a standout, I love the embellishment on the jacket and those pink shoes!

A classic preppy Blair Waldorf ensemble, the high collar and tie actually make me feel reminiscent for my school days. Not that my uniform was anywhere near this refined.

Gossip Girl winter fashion at its absolute finest; the colour coordinated tights, gloves and bags – need I say more?

I love a good tight, as does the Gossip Girl costume department. Serena always looks so rugged up and cozy in her winter attire.

White tights and pointy black Mary Janes; my seventeen-year-old self once tried and failed to pull this look off.

I still don’t quite know how this works, it just does.

Are you a fan of Gossip Girl winter fashion? I hope these photos have inspired you to persevere through these last few weeks of the cold!