February Recap

February feels like so long ago now! I must admit it has taken me a while to put together this post. Ideally, I would like to try and do monthly re-caps going forward. I was particularly wary, however, that I didn’t take a lot of photos in February. That being said, it was an important month. One that I ultimately decided was worthy of posting about, even if the majority of the photos I took were of boring plates of salmon and veg…

Keep on reading for my recap of February!

February was an extremely emotionally charged month, about halfway through I found myself faced with one of the most daunting challenges of my life. Through a lot of prayers, God gave me the strength to go through with what I had to do. Through his grace, he paved the way for me. It truly was a time that made me recognise that nothing is impossible with God and that it is so important that I continue to rely on him throughout everything I do. Thank you, Lord, for your ongoing love and guidance over my life.


February was also a time of much joy, as I bore witness to someone very close to me giving their life to Christ. I have not known a feeling like it, all I can say is that God answers prayer.

Matthew 7:7 – “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

As you may have seen in my last outfit post, Jordan and I attended a function for his work at the beginning of the month. It was a really hot night so we tried to stay outside when we could. We did this, in part, to avoid the stuffy room we were in. But also, to admire the set up that surrounded us. It was pretty cool!

February was definitely another month for healthy eating and meal prepping. Those protein-packed breakfast smoothies were what I was all about! My smoothie of choice was an almond milk-based banana, blueberry and peanut butter combination. After a few weeks of that, however, I thought I would try one that I could combine my morning coffee with.

Click here for the recipe, I recommend using a protein powder that doesn’t taste too overpowering. I used cookies and cream as it was all I had. In hindsight. chocolate or vanilla would have gone down smoother with the flavour of the coffee…

As the months pass by, I find myself growing more and more excited about our upcoming wedding. I know I shouldn’t wish time away, but as it stands that’s what I find myself doing a lot these days. With summer well and truly behind us now, I anticipate those cooler days and nights. I cannot wait for what the next season will bring. As I write this on April 2nd, I will say that the previous month did not do Autumn justice. Hopefully, this will all change soon.

I hope your February was a wonderful month for you, until my next re-cap, goodbye February!