Father’s Day

Fathers Day

Yesterday we spent our Father’s Day at home and had a small celebration with just the three of us. Jordan was away for his first Father’s Day last year so it was nice to have him home this time around! We had our first BBQ in our new house (actually our first BBQ ever, how un-Australian of us) and I made this Bailey’s chocolate cheesecake for dessert.

Jordan received some Star Wars lego and a personalised card which I got from Etsy. I thought this picture of Jordan and Evie colouring in was so sweet and I’m really happy with how the print turned out.

I can’t believe I had to be talked into buying a poncho for Evie, a wardrobe staple if you will. She’s our little Padawan baby.

If you were able to celebrate Father’s Day with loved ones I hope your day was as lovely as ours was.