Evelyn’s Baby Room

Evelyn's Baby Room

After months of procrastinating, I finally got around to decorating Evelyn’s baby room. This is the first room of our new house to be featured on the blog in my home tour series and it was by far the most fun to style. I can’t wait to see how she grows into it.

Going back to a little over a year ago, when we first started planning our baby room, we had no idea where to start. As we had opted to not find out the gender, it made it a little difficult to buy too many things in advance. Because of this, we decided to focus on neutral colours and only bought the absolute necessities, which included a cot, rocking chair and rug.

Evelyn's Baby Room

The cot is the Sniglar from Ikea, which unfortunately they don’t seem to sell in Australia anymore. It was $129 and converts into a toddler bed as well. A real bargain! The rocking chair we purchased secondhand from Gumtree, which I highly recommend doing as most of the new ones I looked at it were exorbitantly over-priced. Like a lot of baby things, really. The rug was purchased from a store local to us and was Jordan’s choice – it felt gender-neutral and he loved the bright colours. I’m obviously a huge fan of pastels, so it wasn’t quite what I had envisioned, but over time I have really grown quite fond of it. I think the rainbow colours offset the pastels quite well and it’s so much more fun for Evie to have vibrant colours to look at while she’s playing!

In terms of wall decor, we have quite a few things displayed. The spotty decals came with the house, which suited us just fine. The rainbow tassel wall hanging is handmade and I got it on Etsy. It’s so pretty.

Evelyn's Baby Room

We got the balloon decals for Christmas so I added them to the wall opposite the spots. As for a changing table, we opted to use Jordan’s old desk which actually used to belong to his parents! We figured we might as well use something that has multiple purposes instead of buying a completely separate unit. The drawer works well for nappy storage too and the Union Jack Jordan added as a young boy adds a nice patriotic touch.

The white ladder shelf is from Kmart, which was another bargain. It was also really easy to set up and I love the look of it. I like to display Evie’s more delicate toys and books on there as well as the baby monitor. Above the shelf is Evie’s commemorative baby certificate, which we thought was too nice of a souvenir to resist.

Evie’s bookshelf is made up of two cube units from Kmart. They’re a really good height for her and sits quite nicely under the window.

Evelyn's Baby Room

The bunting and name letters were also Christmas gifts and really make Evelyn’s baby room feel like her own.

Finally, I had to tie into the rainbow theme with this gorgeous basket from Adairs, which I bought on sale.

You could say that Evelyn’s baby room is quite an eclectic mix of colours and textures and honestly, that’s what I really love about it. There are so many photos of meticulously curated baby rooms that I looked at on Pinterest for inspiration and while they are definitely aesthetically pleasing, they just didn’t feel right for us.

I anticipate this room will grow and change as Evelyn does and hopefully for future children of ours as well!