Introducing Evelyn Rose Leather, who was born on Saturday, May 18th at 10:44 am. At long last, our beautiful baby girl is finally here.


Like a lot of first-time mums, I was a little overdue with Evelyn. In fact, once her due date (which was Mother’s Day, ironically) rolled around, I was certain it would be a few more days. She ended up arriving 6 days past her due date – what a long week of anticipation THAT was! That being said, looking back now, it truly was a beautiful time.

We had family visiting in lieu of Evelyn’s arrival, they arrived two days after her due date. I wouldn’t say I felt pressured exactly to produce the goods, but it was certainly on my mind… It ended up working out though, we were able to spend the first few days of their visit catching up sans newborn and then thankfully she arrived a few days before they were due to head home. As we only just moved to Townsville 4 months ago, it was a pleasant surprise to have family visit us while we were in the hospital.

As for my labour experience, it was really positive. We were only in the hospital for 3 nights but boy was I happy to come home. Since then we have been so spoilt with beautiful cards, gifts and visits from friends, some old and a lot new. I feel like we have settled into our new home now, but I don’t think it ever felt truly like a home until Evelyn was born.

We spent the whole of my pregnancy wondering if our baby would be a he or a she. Jordan was convinced she was a boy, as were most people, including perfect strangers. I always had a feeling that she was a girl but a few moments before she was born I had a change of heart and decided she was a boy. I should’ve trusted my instincts!

Evelyn, we are so glad you are here and already love you so much. I still can’t believe I’m actually a mum now, let alone a mum to a daughter. This is only the start of all the pink…