Europe / Summer 2014 / Rome / Part 12


The next day we set off bright and early for Vatican City, which is the smallest country in the world. Mind blown. We only had a few hours here with our hilariously flamboyant Italian tour guide, so I tried my best to soak up as much as I could.






Words and pictures truly cannot give this place justice and I will absolutely be back.


We weren’t allowed to take photos or even talk in the Sistine Chapel, which would’ve been a far better experience if there weren’t over a thousand people cramped in there. Obviously people were still talking and unfortunately, there was also an announcement that kept bellowing out of a loudspeaker basically telling us to shut up every few minutes. It kind of ruined the ambience, even though the chapel itself was incredible.


St. Peter’s Basilica was also incredible and way huger than the Sistine Chapel, which was a welcome relief after being so cramped. Again, I in no way captured the magnitude of this church.


Myself, Claire, Claire & Britt



After a massive morning we were getting pretty hungry, so we started to head in the direction of some restaurants. As we were walking, an Italian woman ‘pounced’ on us and convinced us to come to her restaurant. We joked that she was going to take us behind a dark alley but we were too starved to care too much. Luckily, the place she brought us to was a pretty standard Italian restaurant, although they did overcharge us a little. That’s the price you pay for being a tourist in Rome, I guess.


I would recommend not even bothering with healthy eating in Italy. You will fail. Miserably.


After lunch we headed to The Colosseum to explore!



Claire & I



Claire, myself, Katie, Britt & Claire


At this point we were pretty tired, poor Britt was in struggle-town. We needed gelato, and gelato is what we would have.




Rome is full of these craftsmen on the street, who make name necklaces out of gold and silver pieces of wire. I bought a ‘Marnie’ necklace, but unfortunately, he spelt my name wrong and had to make another one for me!


After a huge day, we ended up taking a cab home, instead of battling peak hour Roman public transport. Just a tip, it’s a LOT worse than Melbourne’s! After dinner, which included a few bottles of terrible wine, we took the leftover bottles to go and a had a little gathering outside one of the cabins on our picnic tables. There was a party on that night with a ‘Beauty and the Geek‘ theme – except the guys had to go as beauty’s and the girls as geeks – har har har. This was not up my alley, so I decided to give it a miss, as did a few others. After drinks with the rest of the group finished and they headed off to the party, Britt and I decided to go for a late night dip in the pool. We got there at about 11:10pm and the pool closed at 11, so we had to work our charms on some of the teenage employees to let us in. Needless to say, it wasn’t hard and we got about 40 mins to ourselves in the pool. We had the best time ever and even played a pretend game of water volleyball (pretend because we had no net.)

This was definitely one of my fondest moments of the trip, this particular night made me feel really alive. I truly believe that life is all about those little experiences; spontaneous and pain-in-the-stomach hilarious!

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