December Recap


After a busy few months of big changes, December could not have come quickly enough. I generally always look forward to December because I love Christmas. This time around though, December had some different events to look forward to. These included: Jordan coming home from Townsville, our 20-week ultrasound, finishing up in my job and catching up with friends and family we wouldn’t be seeing for a while over the Christmas period.

After 3 weeks in Townsville, Jordan flew home for the Christmas holidays in early December. As you can see, Wallace was very happy to be reunited with him! Even though 3 weeks doesn’t seem like a long time to be apart, it was the longest we had been. It was so nice to have him home.

I caught up with my friend Kristy for pizza in December, it was great to catch up on all the work goss she had missed out on since leaving me for another opportunity. Don’t worry, I have since forgiven her!

I finished up in my role as a field VM for a women’s clothing brand just a few days before Christmas. It was bittersweet, I made some great friendships, especially with Xen who showered me with baby gifts, flowers and Tim-Tam chillers from Gloria Jeans right before I finished up.

I love this picture of Jordan with Wallace and Coby. I took this photo the morning of our 20-week ultrasound, we hit the beach beforehand with his mum. It was an overcast day and chilly at the beach, so a typical summer’s day in Victoria.


This was my face when I first saw our precious little baby. We had decided not to find out the gender, but Jordan still insisted on googling “ways to identify gender in an ultrasound.” He was fairly confident it was a boy.

Our sweet Evelyn. It was so amazing to see her on the screen, we had been looking forward to it for weeks.

A few days later we celebrated Christmas with my family at my sister’s house. The following day, we celebrated with Jordan’s. This included putting together all of the pop-out collectables from Woolworths which was quite entertaining.

Jordan’s mum went out all with the food, I love a good Christmas day breakfast!

Well, at long last, my 2018 recap series has finally come to a close. Talk about dragging it out…

I hope you have enjoyed reading this series, as I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it. I’m glad I followed through and completed these monthly recaps in its entirety, I know I will look back on 2018 with fond memories. It was a huge year!

Until next time xxx