Cozy Home

Cozy Home
I must say, these days I have become much more of a homebody. I don’t know if it’s the cold weather, my lack of spending money or the fact that I’m now over 25, but something inside me just loves days spent at home.

Perhaps with my growing age comes an overwhelming desire to start nesting; I have built for myself and for my love a cozy home and wish to spend time in it. There is nothing quite like building a home. The slow addition of new linen, furniture, trinkets; it’s a process that culminates over long periods of time and one that I am quite enjoying.

Cozy Home

I have built a fortress, a place to come home to when the day is over – or perhaps even a place to stay when the day has just started – it is my safety, my locked door, my place of calm.

The coffee machine is ready to go, the pantry fully stocked and a beautifully fragrant candle is always on hand.

With this in mind, why would I ever want to leave?