A Summer Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Last Friday, Jordan and I attended his work Christmas party, for the second year in a row. It was held at a winery in a town near ours and as you can see, it was quite beautiful.

Christmas Party

After having such success with dress shopping last time, I ended up leaving it to the last minute, yet again. This time though, I knew what my fall back would be and once more ended up picking up a steal at Valley Girl for $25. I don’t know how this keeps happening!

Dress, Valley Girl; heels, Betts

The dress I wore was super comfortable, as a particular gentleman at the party commented on. His exact words were: “your dress looks comfortable.” Word on the street is the pants he was wearing were just a little too tight and he was rather jealous! For an off the shoulder dress, I have to say, it wasn’t too annoying to move around in either. I know a lot of the time that can be a real issue with styles like that.

Big thanks to the lovely lass that caught all of these shots of us, she picked out the good light and everything!

All up, it was a pretty great Christmas party. As per usual, I had far too many drinks but luckily this time everyone else did too! So it was ok… Yeah, my behaviour definitely went unnoticed…


Have you gone to your Christmas party this year!?