Christmas 2015

Christmas Tree 2015

What can I say – just like that, Christmas came and went.

After a good 6 weeks of Christmas fever, the big day was once upon us and then quickly faded away into just another hot summer night. Somehow, I think, maybe I got myself a little too amped up for the festive season. Quite frankly, it just ended way too soon for my liking! As I mentioned in my last post, working in retail over Christmas is not ideal, when all you want to do is shut off and relax for a few days with loved ones. The excitement and buzz of the season wore really thin for me this year, and to be perfectly fair, I think being exposed to so much consumerism on a daily basis really sucked the life out of me. All good things in moderation, I guess.

Nevertheless, Christmas Eve with my immediate family was rather lovely, despite the central air conditioning working overtime to keep us all cool. I love a good ol’ Aussie Christmas, so the cold food went down quite a treat.

Aussie Christmas
Christmas Tree 2015

This year I opted for my first ever colour themed Christmas tree; gold, silver, white and muted pink. I spent an unhealthy amount of time locating the perfect set of lights for my tree, which I’m not proud of. It did however, turn out rather nice, if I do say so myself.

Christmas Wrapping kikki.K Christmas Wrapping kikki.K

For gift wrapping, I steered away from my usual ‘last-minute-reject-shop-print’ and went a little more modern. Brown kraft paper with copper, black and white ribbon from kikki. K. I also spent an unhealthy amount of time there…

Christmas 2015 Tree Presents Christmas 2015 Presents

Christmas 2015 Presents Girl Boss
#Girlboss, a cake stand, Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy Dream’ perfume, an abundance of beautifully fragrant candles

As for presents, this year I barely gave a thought to gifts for myself and threw all my energy into giving to all my favourite people. Because of this, I felt very spoilt on Christmas Day, I received so many beautiful and thoughtful gifts.

Christmas Presents
‘Masters of Fashion, a rose gold pearl necklace, an Australis contour kit, a holographic clutch and more perfume

Girl Boss Christmas Presents

On Christmas day I went to church with my family. It was quite a modest service and I was compelled by the message, it was a little bit left of centre which I didn’t expect on Christmas day. The sermon challenged us to accept that Christmas does not always go the way we imagine, it’s never “perfect” or “right” in the way we anticipate it will be. Poor circumstances like troublesome relationships, financial issues, health problems and even difficulty finding the right Christmas lights are all subject to be upsetting at Christmastime. I think it was an important message for me to hear, because I literally built the Christmas season up so much and it didn’t pay off in the way I was hoping. Instead, I felt burnt out and too exhausted to fully appreciate it.

Maybe it would pay for me to not to take it so seriously next year and to accept the more simple and beautiful things about it, like spending time with my family, taking advantage of their air conditioning system and falling asleep instantly after a hearty Christmas meal. It’s an important time of year to remember and appreciate what we have, instead of focusing on what we don’t.

Christmas 2015 Tree Lights

So Christmas 2015 has come and gone; perhaps not quite perfect and relatively short-lived but still pretty bloody good. I hope your Christmas’ were merry and bright and that you were able to take as much good as possible from it.