Autumn Inspiration


It has taken less time than I thought it would to adjust to no longer having defined seasons. Aside from friends and family, the thing I miss the most about home is the weather. Particularly, Autumn. I have so many fond memories associated with it. Road trips over the Easter long weekend, drinking coffee in cosy cafes, feeling the crisp air and warm sun on my face. I love when daylight saving ends and you get an extra little sleep in. I love when it starts to get dark early, and feeling nice and safe inside. Flannelette pyjamas, big knits, seasonal boots. Oh, I could go on forever. There’s just a sense of anticipation when the seasons change, and I miss having that to look forward to. Luckily though, this year I get to go back home for Autumn. So I guess I have something to look forward to, after all.

Autumn Autumn