Autumn 2017


2017 is absolutely flying by, or maybe it just feels like it is because I feel like I’m finally starting to find momentum again. As we near the end of August, I thought it was high time I did a recap of Autumn as it would appear it’s nearly Spring…


As I mentioned in my earlier post about my love for the season, Autumn is my favourite out of the four. I was super antsy for the cooler weather to come through, as I am really weird about having the ‘correct’ weather in their appropriate months. I have to remind myself sometimes that I live in Victoria – the weather here is not only unpredictable, it’s also never on time. In fact, that’s the only predictable thing about it.

I was guilty of over-dressing at times in March, due to my eagerness to wear layers and a lovely sea coloured cardigan I bought in summer. At long last though, the cool change hit around April.

Jordan and I attended a friend’s wedding on the first weekend in April, which was held at Werribee Park Mansion. It was beautiful and a really fun wedding. Congratulations, Caitlyn and Dan!

Over the Easter long weekend we took a little trip to Wilson’s Promontory. We stayed at a bed and breakfast nearby and spent a couple of days exploring the surrounding little towns and hiking. It was so lovely, Easter is my favourite time of year to go away. I think it will be a tradition of ours for many years to come.


This breakfast table was so beautiful, the place we stayed at was in the middle of a little farm. It was so quiet and serene.

As you can see, I’m enjoying a hot cross bun in this picture. I still have packets in our freezer at home… Hot cross buns are the best!

One thing I regret is not staying for longer. I think perhaps we’ll have to come back…

On April 25th, we remembered and commemorated those who have served. All up, Jordan ended up participating in 3 seperate Anzac Day services. It was a big morning, but definitely worth it. It’s something I appreciate a lot more now as an adult.

Who wore it better? Topshop mannequins were changed a lot over Autumn!



My face says it all, Autumn is my favourite.

I hope you all had a beautiful Autumn and that you hoarded as many hot cross buns for the winter as I did!