August Recap

august snow mt buller snowboarder

After a huge hiatus from my 2018 recap series, I finally feel like I’m back on track and am ready to fill you in on what I got up to in August. As it so happens, August was actually the month I fell pregnant. I didn’t know it at the time though, so please try to forgive me for snowboarding whilst with child!

Right at the beginning of August, I embarked on a regional store visit to Albury. As Albury is a few hours from home, I was there for a couple of days, assessing the VM standards in-store and training the team. It was a really intense few days, but I loved the challenge of it and felt really proud of what we were able to achieve while I was there.

I stayed in a cute little motor inn, which I thought was very charming in a dated kind of way.

The first night I had a pizza all to myself and watched Netflix. I’m not hard to please.


How much better does the morning commute feel when you see a sunrise like this?

One Saturday in August Jordan and I went down to Gisborne to see his brother Adam play soccer. After the game (which they should’ve won, mind you) the three of us and Adams partner, Cathy headed back to Kilmore for hangsies.

We had dinner at the burger bar attached to the Red Lion, which had only just opened at the time (this was a pretty big deal in Kilmore, just sayin’.)

I’m pleased to say, the food lived up to the hype. Afterwards, we hit up the pub! Unbeknownst to me, this would be the last night I would be having a few drinks for a while. I know what you’re thinking, don’t worry, I wasn’t pregnant at this stage. I checked!

Office days were always my favourite day of the month at work.

My friend and colleague, Xen and I would often try different cuisine at lunch. On this particular Monday in August, I had pho for the first time. I didn’t think I’d be a huge fan, but it was actually really tasty.

Townsville does not have Krispy Kremes. Yes, you heard correctly. I think I bought these one night after work in the city. You know, just because. For those of you with access, never take those Krispy Kremes for granted.

Jordan and I didn’t get up to the snow together until August, the first trip we took was to Mt Hotham. In hindsight, this was perhaps a little too ambitious of us. It took us 5 hours to drive there and we did not get up particularly early. That being said, we did have a good afternoon of boarding. I was feeling quite rusty at the beginning, which I usually do after a year off, so I spent a good couple of hours not doing a whole lot. And perhaps I let my fear of chairlifts get the better of me…

Later that day though, I managed to conquer my fear of getting on a chairlift alone (I had a bad experience getting off one once, hence my hesitation.) Not only that, but I successfully completed my first S turn! For those of you who snowboard, please don’t laugh. After 2 years at it, I finally figured it out!

Here I am feeling super confident on the chairlift, I’m pretty sure I took my hand off the safety bar, normally I grip it like a madwoman. What a day! The drive home was fun, made more bearable by dinner from McDonald’s. I love McDonald’s, any road trip is always made better with a cheeky trip to the drive-thru.

On the last weekend of August, Jordan was away in Canberra for work, so I had a couple of days to myself. The weather on this particular weekend was really beautiful, the sun was out and the air wasn’t quite so brittle.

$4 flowers from Aldi and matching nails. There’s no Aldi in Townsville either. Can you tell I’m nostalgic writing this post?

I treated myself to some mini cupcakes and a fancy interiors magazine from the supermarket. It’s the little things.

What a lazy weekend this was, it was so lovely.

Wallace had a relaxing time also, as per usual.

In the last week of August, we took a week of annual leave to hit up the slopes once more. We stayed in Mansfield with our pastor and his family and a couple of extras too!

Here’s us with the kids crammed in the back of my Kia Rio. Can you count how many we managed to fit in there!?

We stayed in a little holiday park, it was beautiful.

We spent 3 days at Mt Buller, I took this photo of Jordan on a fluke, I’m pretty proud of it. He’s a much better snowboarder than me!

I always have to gear myself up for multiple days at the snow, mainly because I am not the fittest gal. This trip was challenging at times, but I definitely improved on my overall snowboarding ability, which I was really happy with. The main thing I struggle with is overcoming my fear of gaining speed and falling over. Kind of dumb, because that’s how snowboarding works, but I’m working on it.

At the top of one of the mountains is this cool little room, it was a good place to relax in between chairlifts and I took full advantage of it.

All up, August was a pretty busy month. What better way to see out the end of winter than with a trip to the snow!? I’m not sure when we’ll next be back there…