2021 Resolutions

2021 Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely New Years Eve – however you spent it – and are feeling fresh and excited for a brand-spanking new year. Jordan and I had a quiet night at home with family which was nice. Sometimes the most simple of nights are the most rewarding.


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it hard to think of specific resolutions. Most of the time I find that there are big things I’d like to work on that ultimately affect multiple areas of my life. This can be a little overwhelming, so this year I thought I’d try and keep my 2021 resolutions a little more bite sized. As there are are always ebbs and flows throughout different weeks and months of the year, I’m going to commit to persevering through those seasons, instead of forgetting about my goals when it gets hard.

2021 Resolutions

1. Manage My Time More Effectively

Two of my most dreaded words are time management. It was always a point of weakness for me when I was working full time and it continues to be one of my biggest flaws in my home life. While I’d like to think that this quality of mine is endearing, quite often it is not. This year I would like to try and work on managing my time better. From estimating how long a task will take me to do, to giving myself time frames for whatever I’m doing, I’d like to get better at this. I am constantly reminded of what the value of my time is and seeing how much I am capable of wasting can be really disheartening. This leads me to my next resolution…

2021 Resolutions

2. Have Less Screen Time

Thanks to a little thing called Apple Screen Time I now have real-time stats on how much time I spend on my phone. And that doesn’t even include my screen time on the computer or TV. I find myself so easily distracted due to how much time I spend consuming all kinds of media and I can feel my attention span growing smaller by the day. Not only is it bad for me, but it’s really important to me that Evelyn doesn’t grow up seeing her mum constantly staring at her phone. I would like to be more present with people, and learn how to focus on one thing at a time again. We have gotten into such a bad habit of watching TV while on our phones and scrolling through social media before bed. The longer I leave it, the harder it will be to break free of these habits. That and I’d like to enjoy a hobby or two without the aid of the television on in the background.

3. Read More

I used to love reading and would go through multiple novels a week. In fact, I loved reading so much that I actually became quite socially awkward because I would take any opportunity I could to read. While I don’t want to be quite on this level, I would love to get back into getting stuck into a good book. Especially if it means I spend less time on my phone and am able to work on developing a longer attention span again.

2021 Resolutions

4. Take More Photos

This resolution is just for fun as I certainly take lots of photos, particularly of Evie. That being said I would like to be more consistent with how often I take photos and be a little more confident with asking for photos when the situation arises. I want to remember as much about this time of my life – and the people in it – as possible.

I’d love to know if you have any 2021 resolutions and if you had any success keeping your 2020 resolutions? There’s never a bad time to start making goals for yourself!