2012 Recap


As the year comes to a close, I thought I’d put together a little 2012 recap post. 2012 was a huge year for me and I know I will cherish so many of these memories for years to come. I hope you enjoy!



My best friend Luke went overseas in December for a few weeks. Usually we see each other once every week or so, so it was really strange not having him around. Especially over Christmas. He came back in January and it was so good to catch up again!

My friend Steph and I got upgraded to the VIP seats at Moonlight Cinema. It was the best, we felt like Queens!



In February we celebrated Luke’s 21st, complete with a party bus and classic 2000’s tunes!

I also went on my first grown up holiday to the Gold Coast. You can still go to all the theme parks on a grown up holiday, right?



In March I attended my first music festival, Future! I had such a great time and am now subsequently obsessed with music festivals and aim to go to as many as possible.

I also attended my first runway show at LMFF.


Making new friends at a house party, oh hey Saffron!


Luke and I experienced many autumn moments on a day-trip to Daylesford.

The music festivals continued, here are the girls and I at Creamfields!



2012 was a year of many 21sts, costume parties included. Luke and I went to one dressed as a famous celebrity couple. Can you guess who we are?

(Katy Perry & Russel Brand pre-divorce)

A bunch of work friends and I saw Nicki Minaj in concert. It was a really fun night!



In June, the girls and I went to a Silent Disco on Queens Birthday long weekend.

2012 was full of girls nights! Anna, Katie and I booked a room at Crown Casino and made the most of the nightlife on Southbank.



In July I celebrated my 21st Birthday, one of the best nights of my life.


In August I saw one of my favourite bands in live in concert, The Smashing Pumpkins.


My friend Casey moved to Tasmania last year but she still comes to visit all the time. We usually celebrate with a night out!


In September we celebrated Katie’s birthday!



In October Luke’s band White Light Fires had a memorable gig at The Nash.

Springtime in the country.


Luke and I went to the Geelong Show, for nostalgias sake.

My first time at The Races.


Luke and I spent a couple of nights in Apollo Bay. We went spent our time eating junk food and then  trying to hike it off before repeating the process.

Another 21st and another costume party!


Cotton On celebrated their 1000th store opening with a races themed party.


In December I managed to squeeze in one more music festival for the year, Stereosonic!


2012 was a year of a lot of firsts. Last year was also full of a lot of firsts – I got my first job, got my drivers license, bought a car and on the whole, started becoming a lot more independent. In a way, 2012 kind of felt like a continuation of 2011. As each month passed I found myself growing and changing in ways that I never could have predicted.

That being said, while at the start of the year I felt like maybe I had a better grasp on things – you know, knew the ropes a bit better – it wasn’t long before I realised that in actual fact I am only twenty twenty one and really don’t know them at all.

I think as time goes by I’ll find my footing, but for now, I kind of like not knowing where I’ll be in another years time. Not that I really have a choice, as I am seemingly incapable of making my mind up about things (unless it’s an impulse buy – that I seem to be very good at).

Now to the future…


2013 is all about challenging myself, working hard and achieving all the goals I’ve been putting off.

2013 is about believing in my capabilities.

2013 is about change, breaking free of routine, travelling and making plans.

2013 is about taking care of my body, making smarter decisions, and respecting myself.

2013 is about breaking free of the bubble I have been living in.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year blogger babes, I wish you all the best for new year!