2007 Throwback

I’m not going to try and deny it, it’s been a long time in between throwbacks. I first started this series in 2017, with big plans to do as many throwback posts as possible. Somehow though, that just didn’t happen. 2020 however,  is all about consistency so I am committing to updating this series a little more frequently. I’m actually really excited about this post, it’s been a long time in the making.

2007 Throwback

At the beginning of 2007, I was 15-turning-16 and enjoying my new found freedom. That’s right, Mum and Dad said it was alright for me to take the Vline to Melbourne WITHOUT AN ADULT. My best friend Luke and I took advantage of this new privilege straight away and celebrated with a trip to the Australian Open in January. I wore my pink glitter heart necklace from Diva and felt very, very cool.

2007 was also the year that I got my first job, as part of a Certificate III in Retail course I completed through year 10. I really wanted to work at a cute little boutique but I ended up getting a men’s workwear store called Hip Pocket instead. I was the only female who worked there and at 15 I was painfully shy and extremely socially awkward. It wasn’t all bad though, I had one all-day shift a week which was on a Monday so I only had to go to school 4 days a week. I also obviously had money to spend, which mainly went to CDs,  junk food and magazines. I had grand plans to splurge on this Steven Shein heart necklace after my first few paychecks, but alas, someone else beat me to it only a few hours before I got to the store. If you look closely on my blog, you may spot that very same heart. I couldn’t have the real deal, but the image still serves as inspiration, even to this day.

2007 was actually a really memorable year for me, it was the year that I started to explore fashion and style a little more. I even started to develop a sense of my own style, although there were definitely a lot of cringe moments. Before I started blogging, MySpace was the main creative outlet I had. I would google basic HTML so I could edit my profile with pictures of Mary-Kate Olsen and editorials from magazines. Did you ever make a music page so you could upload a song that wasn’t on MySpace and then add it to your profile? Because I definitely did that.

With MySpace came scene kids which very briefly took my interest. I certainly wasn’t about to get hair extensions or facial piercings but I secretly thought some of them were kind of cool. MySpace was such a weird website, it was totally normal to add people you didn’t know and comment on their pictures singing their praises. Actually, I guess Instagram isn’t all that different, MySpace cool kids were kind of like the original influencers without the money. The currency of Myspace was simply attention – PC4PC? I never did this, by the way.

I was desperate to be cool in 2007 and so not confident at all. I was also quite overweight and just uncomfortable with myself. So many kids my age were drinking, smoking and going to parties and I was basically at home every Saturday night on MSN. I look back now and realise that wasn’t a bad thing – I’d get my time soon enough and realise how overrated it was several years later. But when you’re a teenager everything feels like the end of the world and there were times in 2007 where I felt really alone. Like all times though, they soon passed.

One of my Myspace profile pictures, I was a big fan of the pulled back “poof” hair.

Whilst I was still a regular purchaser of Girlfriend and Dolly magazine, in 2007 I discovered some new mags. Nylon, RUSSH, Frankie and Yen. I also started op-shopping for clothes, shoes and trinkets. I was definitely a little bit try-hard ‘alternative’ but also wanted to get a little more bang for my recently acquired buck. I really started to appreciate different kinds of fashion, music and celebrities, not just what I considered ‘mainstream.’ I discovered Cory Kennedy, listened to this song on repeat and cut layers into my hair. If you’re wondering, no, they didn’t look good and absurdly, I didn’t get them fixed at the hairdresser until midway through 2008…


‘Blackout’ by Britney Spears was hands down the best album of 2007. Don’t fight me on this. Runners up include ‘Shock Value’ by Timbaland and ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds ‘by Justin Timberlake.

As edgy as I wanted my taste in music to be, I still spent a lot of 2007 rocking out to the top 40. Still a big Hilary Duff fan, I was so excited when her album Dignity was released. I didn’t get an iPod until that Christmas so throughout 2007 I used an MP3 player. It had very minimal storage and I could only fit about 30 songs on it. Hilary obviously made the cut. Shock Value by Timbaland was also a huge highlight, the singles from that album have truly stood the test of time. Obviously Blackout by Britney Spears was the standout album of 2007 and despite her personal struggles at the time, I actually think it’s her best album of all time.

Pop culture-wise 2007 Britney was obviously a dark time for us all. Lindsay Lohan also started spiralling in 2007 which was essentially the beginning of the end of her career. Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired in October 2007 but Paris Hilton was still the bigger name. Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were dating. Man, those were the days!


I saw this movie at the cinema with my mum and pretty much became obsessed with it from the moment I started watching it. It was the first Sofia Coppola film I had ever seen and I instantly connected with her style of filmmaking. The lack of a real plot never really bothered me, I was all in for the fashion and styling of the film. That, combined with the soundtrack with songs from bands like New Order, The Strokes, Siouxsie and the Banshees – ugh it was just all too much for my little 15-year-old mind. It was a huge contributor as to why I started blogging as well. I wanted to create a place where I too could combine music, photography and fashion all in the one place.

This movie is really cute, it’s such a good one to watch at home by yourself or with girlfriends. I liked seeing Scarlett Johansson in a role where she wasn’t super sexy and sultry as well, it was a nice change. The movie is based on a novel and follows the relationship between a boy and his nanny and all the bad parenting in-between.

I saw this one at the movies as well, just because there wasn’t much else on. At the time I remember thinking, “this is just a stupid action movie”. It wasn’t until after I left the cinema that I realised how much I weirdly enjoyed it. Maybe it’s the way they give the robots human qualities, I don’t know. It just got me in the feels. I also loved the soundtrack and used to listen to this song all the time.

Obviously I went through an Andy Warhol phase so naturally, I thought Edie Sedgwick was just the coolest. It’s actually kind of crazy to think of how easily influenced I was by “artsy” depictions of beautiful women just ruining their lives. That’s all this film was really – the styling was beautiful but thinking back on it now the plot was pretty ordinary.

Look, this movie is not good but I had to include it because of Hilary Duff. I have a very vivid memory of watching this at a sleepover with friends, eating nachos and raw cookie dough. Because of the nostalgia factor alone, I decided to list it. Hilary stars with her sister Haylie and it’s loosely based on the novel by Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility. Hijinks obviously ensue. I barely remember it, to be honest, but have been inspired by this post to give it another watch!


Well, friends, that concludes my 2007 throwback. I hope you enjoyed my much-anticipated third instalment of this series as much as I enjoyed putting it together. Throwback posts are one of my favourite kind to do, probably because of how much nostalgia they bring back.

Please let me know on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter if you would like me to cover a particular year next. At this stage, I’m thinking 2003 but I am also very open to suggestions.

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